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4D Membership Type

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4DinSingapore Membership 4D

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Welcome to Singapore Pools, Singapore Pools Result, 4D Results, TOTO Result, Singapore Sweep Results, 4D Singapore Pools Result Prediction, Sgp Pools Results Today, Singapore Lottery Result, TOTO Prediction Tool, Singapore Pools Hot & Cold Numbers, Singapore Lottery, 4D Draw Time. is a site that provides you accurate 4D predictions. With accurate 4D prediction, you now have the opportunity to pay off your loans or even to go on a dream holiday. A $10 bet on a direct number that came up starter prize could have easily fetch you $250 X $10 = $2500; $500 more than the 1st prize of $2000. Click here to join us for a free 7 day trial today!

Here’s what a $10 bet can do wonder for your finances.
1st prize = $2000 X $10 = $20000 (This could be a year annual income for some people)
2nd prize = $1000 X $10 = $10000
3rd prize = $490 X $10 = $4900
Starter prize = $250 X $10 = $2500
Consolation prize = $60 X $10 = $600

Honestly, by betting on your own, the chances of striking a direct / system number are very low. I know that because I been down the road. I ever bought 100 ibet number in a single draw and not even a single strike!

When was the last time you strike a system / direct number? Not to mention hitting the top 3 prizes? However, the good news is that by joining us, you gain access to my proven system and direct number predictions that has the potential to hit a mixture of consolation, starter and top 3 prizes. In fact, my best record to date are striking 2 direct numbers in a single draw on 25th april and 6th may (See my winning 4d track records below) and striking 6/23 (23 numbers in a 4d draw) = 26% (1/4) correct system number prediction on 30th June! See my proof of striking 2 direct number in a single draw whereby I win $500 in total on 28 November.

You just have to pick the right number to make your dream come true.
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Get Lucky and Win Big with our New JackPot Direct Number Prediction! (Singapore Pools)

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JackPot Direct Number Prediction (Singapore Pools)
You will now stand a chance to win with Direct Number at the Lowest Cost possible with our new programme.

How many member will win?
It is estimated that 400 to 1200 members will win direct number from this jackpot programme every draw.

How it works?
1. 8 to 12 Direct numbers will be given to each member every draw when you login as a member. You should bet on all 8 to 12 direct numbers.

2. Upon striking, send your winning tickets to [email protected]
Platinum member will be given a higher strike rate number with top 3 prize potential followed by gold and silver membership respectively.

3. You may want to send a token of your winning sum between 10% to 25% as a token of appreciation. Please send your token sum using this payment link to [email protected]

Term and Conditions
By betting on the “JackPot direct number prediction”, you agree to send your winning ticket to us. Your account will be ineligible from receiving “JackPot Direct Number Prediction” if the above mentioned is not met.

*Jackpot direct number prediction is presently not available for Malaysia 4D.

Make Money Online

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After getting amazing results from a large number of clients, we are moving a Step forward to reach more and more clients to help them with an innovative approach! Yes! We are offering our amazing Make Money Online Program for you. You’re about to promote the hottest selling ‘4D in Singapore’ services. These 4D services are selling like Hot Cakes, Make the most of it!

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Membership Type

50% Commission

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No one else would offer services that sell so well – make this your primary source of long-term income just like some of our long-term member!

The Only Services That Stay at the Forefront of 4D Prediction!

Our 4D Prediction Services remain on top and updated with timely updates and new, improved features. Our Services include only the best and most important features that a user deserves. Don’t kick yourself by leaving this amazing opportunity!

After all, who doesn’t want to make a boat load of money by selling services that sells like hot cakes!

Give yourself an income that not only supports you full time but gives you money for all those little extra indulgences that you have always dreamed of having as well (like karate lessons for your son, trips to a nice holiday!

How does the Make Money Online Program works?
1) You need to have an Free or Paid membership with us first. Sign up here

2) Login to your account and click on ‘Affiliate Info’.

3) Copy your unique referral url link (For example, a referral link will look something like this and send the link to your friend / mailing list via email or post the link on your blog / website.

4) When anyone click on the link and sign up, you would have earn a referring commission with us for as long as he/she stay as a member!

A email will automatically be sent to you to notify you whenever a sale is made.

Sidenote: When login, check your statistics and update your Commission Payout Info here

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*Terms & Conditions
1) You cannot refer yourself and sign up as a member to enjoy a “discount rebate” to your membership. Commission will not be pay out in this case.

2) Payout will be made 30 days after payment has been first received.

*Terms & Conditions are subject to changes

4DinSingapore Membership Card

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