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SGD 60
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3 month


Get a headstart winning Top 3 Prize System Number with our proven prediction system

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SGD 80
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  • Just last draw I striked 9316 system no. (1st Prize)! That was my first time I hit 1st Prize. Once again, BIG THANK YOU for helping me to strike 1st Prize! Hope to win more in future.
    DZI won the 3rd prize draw on the 14 April. I hope to strike for the 1st Prize for tomorrow. Huat!
    Oversea 4dPlayer


    I have strike a starter 2856 yesterday…this is my third time striking from here… thanks for your predictions master’s worth while joining this membership …never disappoint me.


    The winning rate is definitely higher as compared to our own guesses. To all who came across this site and read these testimonials, look no more! This is truly the place where the winning rates of predicted numbers are high.
    Kevin Lim (Yishun)


    I join last week as a Gold Member and yesterday thanks to your Top 3 Prizes Direct Number Prediction for 27 Oct.
    I have won 2037 on Direct & I-Bet. To show my gratitude I has transfer to your account (Ang Pao $20) this morning after I have collected my prize money from SG Pools. Hope many more winnings come along!! I encourage those who has not make up your mind to join 4D Master Prediction membership today! and start to collect $$$$ from SG Pools. Huat Ah!!!


    Thanks to your Direct Prediction list, I have won the Direct 5378 =). Will continue to support you as a member and hope we all huat together to win the TOP 3 Prizes.


    Lucky me to choose 6290 from your prediction on 17th june… Win $250! and so far what i see from your site, its really amazing that you can predict such. no idea how you did it but ya…its amazing…
    I have tried 2 well known 4d prediction site… not very accurate though…thats why i decided to join you for gold membership. i like the strategies that you come out with. i can say your site is just perfect with more potential to win… thanks for all the head cracking thinkin and predictions!


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