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Posted on : 05-07-2020 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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Why and how 4D checker helps bettors to win big money in 4D games?

Posted on : 20-11-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


In the past half a century of regularizing 4D games in Singapore, many betters want to know how to select four winning numbers. Here, the 4D checker enables Singaporeans to predict the winning four numbers for the next draw from past winning numbers. By using it, bettors can check the entire history of 4D winning numbers to get better 4D insights. Also, it will help to understand how the 4D draws work to pick the better number for increasing the chances of winning. Singapore Pools enables the betters to use its 4D number checker on its site to know about the winning combinations. It has all the historical records with accurate statistics to analyze past trends to choose the four numbers that may win in the next draw. So anyone should bet with its help to win big by betting only reasonable amounts.

Hence check out why and how the 4D checker could help win big by betting smaller amounts and playing responsibly.

Why 4D checker play a vital role to win big in 4D games?

Millions of bettors worldwide, especially in Singapore, want to know about winning four numbers to win big in 4D games. But it is not a simple task as it will help win vast amounts by betting in 4D games played three days every week in Singapore. With betting even a minimum of $1, anyone with an account with Singapore Pools can win thousands of dollars. But they need to select the right combination of four numbers from 0000 to 9999. The magical four-digit number eludes many people even for a long time. But many get statutory and consolation prizes that are not as high as the first top three prizes. Hence, by using the 4D checker, anyone can use it properly by analyzing the statistics of past wins to know the winning patterns and trends. Hence 4D checker plays a vital role in winning big in 4D games rather than losing or winning only small statutory or consolation prizes.

How to use a 4D checker to predict the winning four numbers?

Apart from regularizing betting on games, sports and horse racing, Singapore Pools also helps bettors use its 4D number checker tool on its site. It provides vital stats and all details to be available to bettors at their fingertips. By properly analyzing the statistics of the previous winning numbers, it enables anyone to have a winning strategy for the next draw. It is easy to use as it provides the following crucial information in the following ways.

• The top 100 numbers that frequently win in the past helps to analyze and find out the best possible number for the next draw.

• Analyzing the past patterns and trends of winning numbers makes it easier to predict the winning four numbers.

• Using all the information available will make it easy to predict the winning number than randomly choosing the four numbers.

Though it may not yield results, using the 4D checker patiently would surely help predict the perfect four numbers sooner than later.

The easy ways for Singapore pools account verification and top up

Posted on : 14-11-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


Humans gamble from time unknown in one or other forms. It is not only to win big money to meet many expenses and live a happy life but also to make life interesting. But it should not become an obsession or addiction to lose control and gamble irresponsibly to lose livelihood. It is why the government set up the Singapore pools as early as 1968 to regularize the gambling games.  Hence, anyone wanting to play 4D games or bet on horse races and other gambling games needs to register with them.  It is possible in two ways: offline registration by visiting the Singapore pools branches across the island.  Or with online registration by Singapore Pools account verification and top up from the bank link to receive the prizes in the same account.

Thus, check out the ways to verify the account and top up it with a bank link for easy playing of the 4D game responsibly to win big money.

Who can do the Singapore pools account verification and top up?

Only those living in Singapore can open only one account with Singapore Pools.  Even Singaporeans living abroad cannot open an account.  Also, those opening the account should be above 21 years.  Any person subjected to family exclusion orders under Sections 162, 165, 165C and CCA or Casino Control Act along with casino exclusion section 165 A(1)(a) and (b) cannot open an account with Singapore pools.

What are the essential requirements for Singapore pools’ account verification and top-up?

The following are the essential requirements for having the Singapore pools account verification and top-up.

  • Should have proof of being a Singapore resident like NRIC
  • If not, a Singapore citizen should have proof of Singapore FIN or foreign identification number
  • Should provide a local mobile number to receive messages and verification
  • Must have proof of residence in Singapore

With the above essential requirements, it is possible to have an account with Singapore pools either online or offline by visiting the branch with all of it.  After opening the account to bet, it is easy to top up the account from the registered bank link.

What are the prerequisites for digital Singapore pools’ account verification and top-up?

It is easy to have an account with Singapore pools in the online mode with no need to visit any of their branches. The online verification is possible through their website or mobile app available in the Google Play Store and App Store. After signing into the Singapore Pools account, it is essential to complete filling the online registration form. The verification starts after that, and it is essential to have the following prerequisites for digital Singapore pools account verification and top up. 

  • Having an Android device with 9 pie and above or an Apple device with iOS version 12 and above is important for verification in the mobile app.
  • For website verification, both in mobile or desktop, the operating system can be from the browsers like chrome version 63 and above, Safari version 11 and above.
  • It is essential to have a strong internet connection for uploading the NRIC or FIN document and for the representative to have a video call to complete the verification process.

The above facts and ways will help anyone for easy Singapore pools account verification and top up to play the 4D game responsibly and successfully to win a lot of money.

What are claim prize Singapore pools and claim period?

Posted on : 10-11-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


There were many changes in the claim prize Singapore pools and claim period in the last few years. If it is because of the system upgrade in 2019, COVID-19 was the reason for it in 2020. But Singapore Pools started lottery draws and its outlet operations from 22 June 2020 after lockdown. Players can now claim their prize amounts from the outlets on the next day of the draw during working hours with situations under control.  Those placing bets online can get their claim prize amounts transferred into their linked banked accounts within 12 hours after the draw.  But there is much other information that the players should know about Singapore polls claim prize and period.

Thus, continue reading to know the claim prize Singapore pools and claim period not to lose the hard-earned money won in the 4D games.

What is the claim period for winning tickets?

Outlet customers buying betting slips or tickets need to claim the winning amounts within 180 days, including holidays and weekends from the draw date or the event closure date. Failing which they cannot claim the winning amount, and it becomes only a piece of paper as the money goes into the Singapore Pools for using it for many welfare schemes across the island.  Hence, if players have any winning tickets, check for the draw date or the event closure and approach the outlet to claim the prize amount immediately. Also, for any claimed prize above $5,000, the players need to visit Singapore Pools Main Branch from 8 AM to 4:30 PM from Mondays to Fridays.  The players need to bring their ID with their name that matches with the bank documents. But many also want to know about the claim prize Singapore pools and claim period.

Know about claim prize Singapore pools and claim period

Singapore Pools offer five price categories for 23 sets of winning 4D numbers for each draw.

Players placing on any 4D numbers among the 23 can win a prize amount depending on their game. It includes big and small games of ordinary, roll, iBet, System, and others with different prize structures.  Hence, even by betting a minimum of $1, players can win huge amounts playing in the many 4D games.  The following are the claim prizes for the 4D games.

  • In the 4D big game, either ordinary or roll for $1 stake first prize is $2,000, and the second prize is $1,000, the third prize is $490, the starter prizes $250 and consolation prizes $60.
  • For the small 4D game, both for roll and ordinary, there are no starter or consolation prizes, but the first prize is $3,000, the second is $2,000, and the third prize is $800.
  • The big iBet prize claim for every $1 stake for the first prize varies from $83 to $ 500 for one number, and second prize is between $41 to $250, third prize is $20 to $127 along with starter prizes for ten numbers from $10 to $ 62 and consolation prizes from $3 to $15.
  • The small iBet prize claim for every $1stake varies from $125 to $750 for the first prize, and for the second, it is $83 to $500, 3rd prize is $33 to $200, and there are no starter or consolation prizes for it.

The above facts on the amounts of the claim prize Singapore pools and claim period will surely help players win big and collect from the best outlets in time.

Check the best outlet of Singapore pools opening hour near me

Posted on : 10-11-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


Singapore provides a trusted environment that is safe for playing gambling games like 4D responsibly. Singapore pools can contribute billions as taxes and duties.  From 1968 for over half a century, it controls illegal gambling and regularizes the betting games to use the surplus amounts for worthy causes.  Many people want to know when the Singapore pools opening hour near me.  Most of them play 4D games or hear about others winning it and want to place bets in many of its outlets.

Check out how Singapore pools operate and their working days and time to play the 4D games responsibly to win big money by betting small amounts.

Why did the government form Singapore pools?

The government formed Singapore pools in 1968 to regularize betting games by providing a trusted, transparent and safe environment. Hence, people can play the 4D games by placing bets in many of its outlets and can win big money.  So many of them want to know when the best outlets of Singapore pool opening hour near me for placing bets and claiming the winning amounts.

What time are the Singapore pools opening hours near me?

Though the government is strictly against illegal online gambling, it exempted Singapore pools from the Gambling Act in 2014.  Hence, Singaporeans can place bets online apart from buying the betting slips from many of its lucky outlets.  Only a small amount, as little as $1, is enough to play the ordinary 4D game to win a minimum of ten times of it.  But there are many big and small bet games like roll, system, iBet, among others, to take more risk and earn more money.  Hence they want to know what time is the Singapore pools opening hour near me.  It operates on all days as many forms of betting games, not only in 4D but also in toto, horse race, and others happen most of the days.  4D games draw place three days a week: Sunday, Saturday, and Wednesday at 6:30 PM.    But Singapore Pools operate all days of the week to help many of its outlets to receive bet slips and disburse the prize amounts.

Also, Singapore pools monitor all the bets placed online, not only for 4D games but also for many other betting’s.  So the Singapore Pools opening hour near me is 8 AM from Monday to Friday and 1 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  They close by 8 PM during the weekends, but they work until 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Opening and closing hours vary from outlet to outlet and by location as well.

Hence, the above facts will help to know about Singapore pools and their opening and closing hours to place bets online or buy bet slips from many of its outlets to win big money.

Benefits of 4d roll price payout and cost entry

Posted on : 08-11-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


The most common talk across Malaysia and Singapore is about the 4d roll price payout and cost entry in most public places. The lottery is legitimate in Malaysia, which is neighbour to the world-famous fast developed Singapore.  For over 70 years, people have placed bets on lotteries in various forms, now evolved to 4D games. With digitalization, these games are now available online for anyone anywhere to place bets on their smartphones.  Also, people play 4D games like ordinary, iBet or roll using bet slips. The normal price payout is ten times the cost entry if the four digits match the drawing winning numbers.  Also, with more transparency apart from the legitimate nature, people want to try their luck on many types of 4D games, including the roll game.

So, check out the 4D roll price payout and cost entry to play the game, starting with small bets and responsibly increasing the bets over time to win big money.

How to play a 4D roll game?

The principal difference between the ordinary and roll 4D game is that players can place bets only for the current draw.  But for the ordinary, it is possible to mark the bet cost for many draws.    Also, in an ordinary game, system, and iBet, it is possible to select four digits, whereas it is for only three digits in a roll game. The fourth digit designated as “R”, the rolling number, could be from 0 to 9.  And if the correct numbers match the draw numbers, the player wins the lottery and gets back ten times the cost.  The roll game player has more chances of winning as he buys ten numbers straight and has the convenience of not having to shade 10 times.  For example, if a player is buying three digits 1,2 and 3, because of the rolling fourth R, it could be from 1230 to 1239.  It is why it is expensive than the ordinary 4D game but cheaper than the system and iBet.  Hence, check out the 4D roll price payout and cost entry to know its advantages and disadvantages in playing the game safely and getting good returns.

Advantages of  4D roll game price payout and cost entry

Compared to the ordinary 4D game, though the prize payout for the roll game is expensive, so are the returns. It is because of betting on all the numbers straight from 0 to 9 for the rolling fourth number “R”.  But some may argue that it is better to play with ordinary to have more entries for the prize payout for the roll.  Though they may be right, the chances of the fourth R number matching the draw numbers are more as it could be from anything between 0 to 9. In other words, the player is buying all the 10 numbers for the R number. But compared to the iBet games system, it is cheaper as playing them will win even if the four numbers match even when not in sequence.  But in an ordinary and roll game, the numbers should match and should be on the exact sequence as the draw.

Hence, the players decide to depend upon their budget, risk-taking ability, and the return they expect to play as per the facts given above for the 4D roll price payout and cost entry.

Best ways to increase chances of making big money with 4d winning box forecast

Posted on : 08-11-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


Best ways to increase chances of making big money with 4d winning box forecast

Since the 4D game became popular in the 1950s, there have been many ideas, tips, tricks and other ways to do it.  Though the schoolboy raffled his bicycle to play the 2D game, which is now popular as 4D, it continued for half a century.  And one of the best ways to select the four numbers is the winning box. Though the founder first formed the 4D winning box forecast for the right numbers, anyone can have their box. But to do it and choose the right numbers from it to bet and win big money is a challenging task.

Hence, continue reading to know how to read the 4DWB or 4D winning box and choose the right number in many ways to strike gold in lotteries. 

What is a 4D winning box forecast?

For a low betting amount of RM 1, the players can win up to RM 1000. That is the magic of the 4D, which popularity is only increasing every year.  And with the Malaysian government legalizing it and offering licenses to reputed companies for playing makes it more transparent and legitimate.  But all of it increases the number of players every day to bet on it to win huge amounts.  But choosing the four numbers is a tough task to match the drawing numbers to win big money. Hence, the 4D winning box forecast is a technically sound and fundamentally powerful technique for choosing the right four numbers to win in the lottery.

Ways to read 4D winning box forecast

Before knowing the ways of reading the 4D winning box, it is essential to know about it. All the winning boxes will have four columns and four rows of numbers from 0 to 9. It is the first rule to form any winning box.   The second rule is not to have the same numbers in each column, whereas the rows can have the same numbers.  For example, if the column has 6954, it is the right choice as it does not duplicate numbers.  But if it is like 7327, it is wrong as the number 7 gets duplicated again in the column. Now let us check out the ways to read and use the winning box to increase the chances of choosing the right numbers.

  • Out of the four digits in the first column, one will be the first digit of the 4 digit set.
  • Any of the four digits in the second column will be the second digit until the fourth.
  • Choose only digit from one column and one row to form the ideal four digits to win big.
  • Select the numbers from left to right or of any other combination that could help the winning chances.

The above facts and ways will help to win continuously with the help of the 4D winning box forecast.

Some Useful Tips for Predicting Lucky Numbers for Singapore Malaysia Lottery Result

Posted on : 07-11-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


Some Useful Tips for Predicting Lucky Numbers for Singapore Lottery Result

Choosing a lottery number depends on many factors. In the Singapore Malaysia lottery, people use various tricks to pick their lucky numbers. Some tricks prove useful for many punters, while some tricks do not work. For the Singapore lottery result, zodiac and numerology methods play a good role. Using numerological theories, people pick their lucky numbers. Does it work? Since numbers have been drawn randomly, tricks may not work in a few cases. However, some people also find such tricks useful. So, here is a complication of the tricks for choosing the lucky draw number for Singapore 4D.

  1. Statistical Analysis

People make money frequently through Singapore lottery use statistical analysis to predict the lucky draws. Statistical analysis works in many cases. The method intends to find a lucky draw pattern by analyzing the past winning numbers. Using such patterns to predict the Singapore lottery result is not a simple thing. First, you need to analyze the past winning numbers and pick a set of numbers depending on your analysis.

Different people will have a unique approach to analyzing records. The best way of getting started is to keep in mind that every number will have the chance of being drawn equally. However, the method is time-consuming, and experienced punters use this trick as they are well-versed with the numbers.

  1. Use Your Date of Birth

For many people date of birth can be a lucky number. You can try this trick, as it works in many cases. You can also buy a ticket for your birthday, as the birthday is a special and lucky day for most people. You can mix your date, month, and year of birth uniquely to obtain an excellent result. You may become rich overnight if luck favours, as winning the 4D lottery is all about luck.

  1. Special Day of Your Life

You can pick a special day of your life as the lucky number for buying a lottery ticket for the Singapore lottery result. Birthday is a special day for most people. If picking numbers according to the birthday does not work, you can use the date of other special days. For example, your first date and marriage anniversary date can be your lucky numbers.

  1. Multiple Numbers

Instead of one ticket, you can buy multiple tickets. Purchase multiple tickets enhances your chance of winning. So, you need to create a set of many lucky numbers. Once you get a six-digit lucky number, you can juggle the digits to get other lucky numbers. Similarly, use other techniques to derive a few more lucky numbers. You can also use numbers desired from your statistical analysis of the past Singapore lottery result.

  1. Ask Your Lucky Person

For predicting the Singapore lottery result, you can also approach the lucky person of your life. For example, your wife or girlfriend may be the lucky person. In many cases, lady luck works amazingly. Thus, there is no harm in trying lady luck for the Singapore lottery. If it works, you can become rich overnight.

So, these are some tips that you can keep in mind for buying tickets and picking lucky numbers for the Singapore lottery. Buy tickets with low expectations, as winning the lottery is a matter of pure luck.

Why is magnum 4D result today live so popular?

Posted on : 01-11-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


Why is magnum 4D result today live so popular?

Gambling has existed in some form from time unknown, for people bet small amounts to get huge returns. 4D or four-digit lottery has been famous worldwide, especially in Singapore and Malaysia, for nearly 70 years.  Started by a schoolboy in Singapore in the 1950s to raffle his bicycle to buy 2 digit tickets, it evolved into the popular 4D game. Over the years, after the legalization of it by the Malaysian government and technological developments, it is now making many people earn a lot of money.  And the best of them is by checking magnum 4d results today live to win money every day.

Continue reading to know why the magnum 4D  game is so popular among the people in Malaysia and Singapore, apart from other parts of the world, to win money consistently.

Why is magnum 4D result today live so popular?

 Lotteries are a form of gambling wherein people buy tickets for even RM 1 to win thousands of RMs every day. And the best of them is the 4 digit number game that started in Singapore and changed in many ways to now play it online from anywhere, anytime with the smartphone.  It is gaining popularity continuously as it differs from the other form of lotteries. The principal benefit of the magnum 4D game is that it pays the winners every day rather than giving the amount in a lump sum.  Also, it is one of the first legalized lotteries by the Malaysian government, and many people play it to win money daily.  There are many other reasons people wait eagerly for the magnum 4D result live, including others.

Reasons for magnum 4D result today live to be famous in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Magnum 4D is one of the major lotteries in Malaysia played every Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, and on special occasions on Tuesday.
  • It is similar to the “Pick 4” game played in the US and Canada, and the Jackpot played in Germany.
  • During playing 4D games, the player’s odds are more to win as any permutation of any one of the selected 4D numbers matches the drawn winning numbers.
  • It is easy to play the 4D game and costs only RM 1 to win thousands of RMs if the selected numbers match with the winning numbers.
  • Unlike other lotteries paying the winner in one time fixed lump sum, magnum 4D pays it every day for even 20 years.
  • If all the selected 8 numbers match with winning numbers, the player can get RM 1000 for 20 years in the magnum 4D, which is why many eagerly wait for the magnum 4D today result live.
  • If 7 if the eight selected numbers match the winning numbers, the player gets daily RM 1000 for the next 100 days in the Magnum 4d.
  • Magnum 4D is the main lottery game in Singapore and Malaysia is because of its efficient functioning, prompt payouts, and transparency for players to trust it.

From the above facts and reasons, it would be clear to anyone why magnum 4D results today live are popular and awaited by many to win huge money easily and continuously for even many years.

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