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Latest 4D Result – Singapore Pools – 4dinsingapore

4D Result Singapore Pool Today, TOTO Result Today. Singapore Sweep Result, TOTO Result Singapore, 4D Result, TOTO 4D Live – Singapore Pools (SG Pools)


Winnings 开彩成绩 Results

SingaporeSingapore Pools Result consists of the following results
– 4D Result announced at 6.45pm onwards on Wednesday, Saturday, sunday
– ToTo Result announced at 6.45pm onwards on Monday, Thursday
– Sweep Result announced on 1st Wednesday of the month
– Race Result – official horse racing results from Singapore Turf Club

You should never forget that this is the age of the internet and there are plenty of places where you can get live 4D result singapore. You could go to the official website which provides live Singapore pool result. But don’t stop there- there are also apps that show up to date information about Singapore pool result.

The internet is not the only place where you can get live 4D results. Some of the betting shops even have screens that will show live Singapore pools Result and the Singapore sweep prizes.

Winnings 您的奖金
Once you strike a prize, remember to claim your prize within the stipulated period from the sg pool outlet, otherwise your prize will not be claimable. For those who place their bet online, the winning will be reflected in your account and you can choose to transfer it back to your bank balance.

Singapore Pools 4D Results

Draw No: 4808 22/01/2022 (Sat)
1st Prize 8715
2nd Prize 4983
3rd Prize 5581
Starter Prizes
1008 1087
2544 3967
4969 5598
6295 6329
6444 7534
Consolation Prizes
0332 0384
0513 1000
1754 2036
4024 4200
8499 9558

Malaysia Magnum 4D Results

Draw No: 642/22 22/01/2022 (SAT)
1st Prize 6974
2nd Prize 4097
3rd Prize 9052
Special Prizes
0600 9513
4569 4950
0571 1418
3396 8170
9525 0392
Consolation Prizes
2983 1851
3136 7583
4907 5810
4400 6361
4203 6350

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SG pools how to play 4D

  1. Choose and mark the kind of bet. Use a different slip for each wager. There is no need to mark for the Ordinary Entry.

  2. Mark the specific draw dates when you want to bet such as 6 Draws if you will stake on six successive games. It includes the present draw. For 4D Roll, you can place bets only for the current game. Check the digits along with the Small or Big amounts.

  3. Choose four digits for the Ordinary Entry.

  4. Select three digits plus the letter R for 4D roll. The cost is the amount checked and multiplied by 10.

  5. For the System Entry, you also need to mark four digits with the bet amount marked and multiplied by the number of patterns for your choice.

How to play 4d iBet?

In 4D iBet, the player also marks four digits with the bet indicated by the amount marked. One slip allows bettors to check a maximum of four boards which should belong to the same category. The lottery company7 introduced the iBet platform which permits placing bets on all patterns of 4-digit numerals. Aside from the iBet, it also launched the 4D roll wherein players only pick the first three digits.

Singapore 4D how to play

Start winning in the Singapore 4D Pools lottery. Figure out secret formulas from lotto predictions and predict the future lucky numerals. At the same time, you need to become skilled at betting techniques to amplify your chances of taking home the money. You will easily notice people lining up in 4D outlets to bet for the next draw. Only individuals 18 years old and above are allowed by law to purchase tickets and claim winnings.

You can make use of statistical odds in determining number sequences. Screen the numbers with the highest possibility. Maintain an upbeat mood to go with your luck and get a crack at the top prize.

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