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4D in Singapore Membership


1. Elite Membership
Only for the Elite! With smaller bet amount, keep more profits! Plus Full Access to all membership numbers and special excel 4d files to win 4d and gain a deeper understanding of how 4D works!

2. Platinum Membership
Best 4 Set of Numbers and New Top 3 Prize 3 Digits Comp Method plus access to Gold and Silver Membership. 4D Master Personal 4D Buying Strategy Revealed also for the first time!(Best Value!)

3. Gold Membership
Access to Top 3 Prize Direct Number Prediction plus access to Silver Membership

4. Silver Membership
Access to Top 3 Prize System Number prediction

4DinSingapore Membership 4D

Beside that, you will get
1) personal coaching and strategy on how to play the system number and direct number
2) personal email support from me if you have any questions in regards to my system

What kind of prizes will I hit?
The prediction is especially geared towards winning top 3 prizes but you will hit a mixture of consolation, starter and top 3 prizes as 4D lottery is random.

Do you have any proof to show your winning results?
See proof of winning tickets, 4D Winning Video, 4d results as well as winning testimonials.

If you can win in Singapore 4d, why do you need to even run this membership?
Yes, I place my bet on my own prediction (system / direct number) and win money as well. If I can help people to win money in 4D and at the same time make some extra income from the membership, I thought, why not? You win the lottery and I get to make some extra cash as well. Isn’t it a win-win situation for both you and me?

Why should I trust your system?
Try out how my system works for you and you can see the result for yourself.  I have confidence in my system as I have hit a number of (Consolation, Starter, Top 3) Prizes with a overall net profit. You have the potential chance to hit the top prize of $2000 with my system. My member have hit the 1st prize of $2000 as well.

Is the membership fees reasonable?
Yes, It is very reasonable considering that if you strike

– 1st prize, you would have easily cover 5.5 years of your membership fees
– 2nd prize, you would have easily cover 2.7 year of your membership fees
– 3rd prize, you would have easily cover 1.3 year of your membership fees
– starter, you would have easily cover 8.3 month of your membership fees
– consolation, you would have easily cover 2 month of your membership fees

Will there be any refund?
30 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied with 4d in Singapore membership, simply contact us within first 30 days for a full, no-hassle refund.

I decided that I want to join the membership? What’s next?
Click on the button below to signup now!

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Free Ebook “14 Secrets to Win Singapore & Malaysia 4D Revealed!” when you sign up!
7 day free prediction trial
No credit card required.

Let’s huat together in the coming draw!
4D Master

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