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Latest TOTO Result – Singapore Pools – 4dinsingapore

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Singapore Pools TOTO drawings are drawn on every Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30PM. Singapore Pools Latest TOTO Results are shown below.

06/05/2021 Draw No. 3658
Winning Number
Additional Number
Group 1 Prize
Winning Shares
Prize Group Share Amount No. of Winning Shares
Group 1 $226,083 5
Group 2 - -
Group 3 $1,121 146
Group 4 $478 187
Group 5 $50 6,567
Group 6 $25 5,847
Group 7 $10 115,382
03/05/2021 Draw No. 3657
Winning Number
Additional Number
Group 1 Prize
Winning Shares
Prize Group Share Amount No. of Winning Shares
Group 1 $2,819,520 1
Group 2 $174,869 2
Group 3 $1,636 147
Group 4 $417 315
Group 5 $50 6,456
Group 6 $25 9,802
Group 7 $10 118,879

How to Play Toto Singapore?

Game Rules

Try the Ordinary Bet first which is the easiest to learn how to play Toto 4D. Choose a minimum of six digits between the numbers 1 and 49. The lowest wager is $1 for a single set of number. You collect a prize if your preferred combination matches at least three winning numerals. It is possible to buy several sets but the drawn numbers must belong to the same series. You may create random numbers using Quick Pick without extra costs.

More complicated betting systems are the Systems 7 to 12 Entries. You are free to include 7 -12 numbers in one set but the cost increases. There’s another option for you which is the Saturday Lottery Entry known as System 8.

  • Choose eight digits between 1 and 49.

  • Your entry for System 8 consists of 28 games. Each one has six number combinations of your chosen combination.

  • Your ticket will only show the eight selected digits.

  • This entry pays several prizes since each draw has a similar pattern. For instance, if numbers 1 up to 4 are among the drawn numbers, games 1 up to 6 are entitled to a prize.

It is more affordable if you opt for a System 12 that increases your chances of earning a prize. The other kind of bet is called System Roll.

Win Lucky Toto Number
Win Toto number is a game in which player choose the numbered ball and see if the ball will match in the draw.

How To Play:
Select 6 numbers and click “Start” to begin.

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