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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I access my 4d/toto prediction numbers?
a) Login as a member
b) Click “Access your 4D/ToTo prediction” in the menu
c) Scroll to your membership post and view numbers on the white background.


Membership Number Example

Watch the Video Tutorial
How to sign up and login to View 4D Prediction Numbers in 4DinSingapore.com?

2) When do I get 4D or ToTo predictions?

Generally, the schedule for posting the prediction numbers are as follows

4D Posting Schedule
Wednesday 4D draw – Monday night posting at 9pm
Saturday 4D draw – Thursday night posting at 9pm
Sunday 4D draw – Saturday night posting at 11pm or Sunday morning posting at 10am

*We do not do predictions for Special draw on Tuesday for Malaysia Magnum 4D.

ToTo Posting Schedule
Monday ToTo draw – Friday night posting at 9pm
Thursday ToTo draw – Tuesday night posting at 9pm

*Please note that the posting time above are indicative and usually will be posted earlier.

3) How do I receive my prediction numbers?
There are 2 ways to receive your prediction numbers.

a) Via websiteLogin here
Click on “Access 4D Predictions Number” or “Access ToTo Predictions” on the menu.

b) Via telegram – Ensure that you have downloaded telegram from your apple or android store.
Login here
Click on the “Log in with Telegram” button (see screenshot) and follow the instructions. You will receive prediction number via telegram when it is posted to telegram.

Telegram Login Access for Predictions

*Please note that prediction numbers will not be sent via email.

4a) I want to sign up but I do not have a paypal account?
Just follow the payment process and paypal will ask you to create a new paypal account at the same time when you are keying in your credit / debit card information.

b) I do not have credit card, how do i register for a paypal account?
If you have a debit card with master or visa logo,  you can proceed to register with paypal.

c) I do not have any cards, how do i register for a paypal account?
You can link your bank account to your paypal. Read here for the the tutorial on how to link bank account to paypal.

d) I am unable to pay via paypal, is there any other mode of payment?
Please contact me at [email protected] for alternative payment mode. Please state which country you are residing now.

5) I am very happy that I strike a prize and want to send in a testimonial.
Kindly send me a picture of your winning ticket and your written testimonial to [email protected]

6) I strike a prize using your silver/gold/platinum/elite predictions, do i have to share my winning with you?
You can keep 100% of your winning.

However you can express your gratitude by sending a portion of your winning to my paypal account [email protected] by using the payment link.

If the winning is small, you can send me a picture of your winning ticket and your written testimonial to [email protected]

7) How does 4DinSingapore membership stand out among the rest of the prediction sites?
We do actually place our bets on our own prediction numbers. In other words, we place our money where our mouth is. See proof of our 4D winning tickets here.  Other prediction sites out there does prediction but have you ever seen any 4D winning ticket proof on their site?

8)  What is the main difference between platinum membership as compared to gold/silver membership?
Beside offering the best 5 sets of numbers, platinum membership recently came out with the “New Top 3 Prize 3 Digits Comp Method”. This method is fairly accurate to predict the 3 digits of top 3 prizes.  All you need to do is to match with the recommended lucky 1 digit to win.

9)  What is the difference between jackpot direct number and elite/platinum/gold/silver membership?
The system will generate 8 to 12 jackpot direct number and a token sum is payable to 4d master when you strike. For membership number, you will have more control and can choose what number to bet on.

10) Where can I download 4DinSingapore Mobile Apps for android phones and tablets?
Inside google play store, you will see the android mobile app for 4D in Singapore. Just click on it to install, Launch it  and you are all set to Go!

11) The numbers are divided into different sections, how do we go about buying them?
If you are buying number from a particular section, stick with it as it will strike eventually.

12) Do 4DinSingapore provides online betting services?
No we don’t. We only provide prediction services.

13) I have some questions but they are not answered here.
Please contact me here for further enquiries.

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