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Make Money Online

Posted on : 09-09-2018 | By : 4D Master | In : 4DInSingapore News


After getting amazing results from a large number of clients, we are moving a Step forward to reach more and more clients to help them with an innovative approach! Yes! We are offering our amazing Make Money Online Program for you. You’re about to promote the hottest selling ‘4D in Singapore’ services. These 4D services are selling like Hot Cakes, Make the most of it!

“Earn up to Sgd $100 per referral By Promoting Our
Amazing 4D Prediction Services”

Rarely will you find an opportunity to earn serious revenue while providing a product that is in desperate need by thousands of people.

Great Lucrative Recurring Commissions of Up to 50%!


Membership Type

50% Commission

Silver Membership $19.97


3 Month Silver Membership $50


 Gold Membership $30


3 Month Gold Membership $80


Platinum Membership $50


 3 Month Platinum Membership $135


Elite Membership $80


3 Month Elite Membership $200



No one else would offer services that sell so well – make this your primary source of long-term income just like some of our long-term member!

The Only Services That Stay at the Forefront of 4D Prediction!

Our 4D Prediction Services remain on top and updated with timely updates and new, improved features. Our Services include only the best and most important features that a user deserves. Don’t kick yourself by leaving this amazing opportunity!

After all, who doesn’t want to make a boat load of money by selling services that sells like hot cakes!

Give yourself an income that not only supports you full time but gives you money for all those little extra indulgences that you have always dreamed of having as well (like karate lessons for your son, trips to a nice holiday!

How does the Make Money Online Program works?
1) You need to have an Free or Paid membership with us first. Sign up here

2) Login to your account and click on ‘Affiliate Info’.

3) Copy your unique referral url link (For example, a referral link will look something like this https://4dinsingapore.com/amember/aff/go?r=3&i=1) and send the link to your friend / mailing list via email or post the link on your blog / website.

4) When anyone click on the link and sign up, you would have earn a referring commission with us for as long as he/she stay as a member!

A email will automatically be sent to you to notify you whenever a sale is made.

Sidenote: When login, check your statistics and update your Commission Payout Info here

Join the Make Money Online Program Today!

*Terms & Conditions
1) You cannot refer yourself and sign up as a member to enjoy a “discount rebate” to your membership. Commission will not be pay out in this case.

2) Payout will be made 30 days after payment has been first received.

*Terms & Conditions are subject to changes

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