Singapore Malaysia 4D Punters, Beware of 4D Scam by Jad Prediction & Services! Help to spread the word in Singapore and Malaysia

Posted on : 09-03-2014 | By : 4D Master | In : 4DInSingapore News


Dear members of 4DinSingapore and 4D punters,

Recently, one of my close friend has been hit by a 4D scam operating in Malaysia. He saw a posting in one of the site and call to find out more about it. This fraudster by the name of Jay claim that he has insider people working in Singapore Pools and that the people in Singapore pools are able to know the top prizes number. To make the story very convincing, he has mentioned that this can only happen when the insider staff is on duty. Also, he justify his claim by giving fake winning ticket with heavy bet of $50 – $200 on direct number over the last 2 years. To make the story very convincing, he will send you the number and give you a guide to place very heavy bets ranging from $200-$500 on it.

When the number didn’t strike, he will give you some excuses that something happen during the draw, and he will coaxes you to cough out more for this membership fee which ranges from $1800 – $4800 even offering a full refund in the process for you to bait the offer if the number does not come up in the next draw.

Anyone who stays in Malaysia or know the higher Malaysia authority / police and can help to trace this fraudster, put him to jail to pay for his crime and help my friend to recover his money. please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Help to spread the word around Singapore and Malaysia by reposting in your facebook/twitter/youtube, your blog/website and inform of other prediction sites in Singapore and Malaysia. This fraudster main target is those people who visit 4d prediction sites in Singapore and Malaysia. He will target both Malaysian and Singaporeans.

Please help to spread the word around the 4D fraternity to prevent innocence people from losing their hard earn money.

Please feel free to copy this post and repaste it in your website or please link back to this post https://www.4dinsingapore.com/4dinsingapore-news/jad-prediction-services-is-a-scam/

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