Magnum 4D; Live Your Life in Your Own Way

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Magnum 4D is the game which is the most loved game among the player as it is the best way and short cut way to make money with fun. The 4D game as the name suggests the game must include the 4 digits unique number. It is the game that is drawn by the different companies in Malaysia. It is the game of chance and luck, as the lucky draw decide the winner. It is the game that is supposed to be played by anyone or everyone above the age of 18. The range of the number is 0000 to 9999. It suggests that there is a 10,000 possibility in the results. The simple method to play this game is to pick the number, if it is drawn, the number possessed by the person is the winner.

Magnum 4D App; Make Your All Task Easy

Do you know? With the help of Magnum 4D App, you can scan your ticket and know the chance of winning, instantly. Isn’t it so amazing? This app lowers your anxiety by making you aware of the result. There are numerous features of this app will make you feel crazy as it has amazing features that allow you to watch the live draw at 7:10 on draw days.
Magnum Draw takes place every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. There is also a 4D dictionary in which you can look up for the 4D number of your dream. This app updates you with latest result notification. You can record your number to highlight these numbers in the results. With the help of this app. you can find out the nearest Magnum 4D outlets.

Magnum 4D Payout Calculator; Know the Winning Amount Instantly

Did I win? The big question arises in everyone’s mind on the draw day. This will be decided on the draw day that if your luck is your side or not. Even when you are sure that the luck is on your side but you are no sure of our winning amount? The magnum 4d payout calculator helps you to determine the winning amount. It is really very simple to calculate the winning amount with the help of the special calculator. Enter the winning number, select the operator, select the type of game classic or box and lastly, you are betting big or small and choose the draw date. Without cracking your head you can figure out the actual winning money instantly.

Magnum 4D Prize Structure

Pick the two 4- digit numbers from 0000 to 9999. Each pair of number is considered as 1 ticket. Place 1 buy with a minimum of Rm2. The 23 result number is drawn in every draw day. The result s divide in such a way that it categorizes the number into first, second, and third. The next 10 numbers are announced to hold a special prize and another 10 resulting number selected for consolation prizes. There is a different cash prize for each category.

Magnum 4D Prediction; Based on History

Analyze the previous results and observe the history, you can make a strong guess by analyzing the number easily. The smaller the gap, the better the prediction. As we know that history repeats itself. So buy the ticket of your favorite number or that repeats in history. Buy the ticket with confidence, with the thought of winning. The prediction does not require much attention or skill but the knowledge of permutation of the number. It is a game of luck. if your luck is in your favor, no one can defeat you. So, think positive and win the game effortlessly. If you lose the game, remember this is not the end of your life but it is the beginning with the new experience.

Magnum 4D Result; Can Change Your Life in a Second

Don’t panic for the result, as now app and the various website are ready to reveal the result just by knowing your number. Some website shows that the result declared but not declared, they do it to increase the traffic on their website. So this is the wrong way to search for the result you can download the Magnum 4D app to know the result instantly without being in anxiety. Get result instantly and celebrate the time.

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