Tips on winning the Singapore pools Sports (And Why It Matters)

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There is science behind betting in the Lottery sports.  However, lotteries try to outsmart that science. Hence, pools betting is a battle of those who understand the science of betting and those that manage the game. Regardless of whether you know it or not, there are also practical methods on how to increase your chances of winning.  And here are some tips to increase your chances of matching the Singapore pools sports results:

Buy more tickets.  The most obvious way to boost your chances of winning the Singapore pools sports is purchase more tickets.  The more number combinations you have, the higher your chance of getting your number combination drawn.  This however would involve higher investment in spending more tickets.  And that also means bigger losses if the number combination you got did not win.

Don’t choose consecutive and similar numbers. A number combination that involves winning numbers that are consecutive e.g. 1234 or similar e.g. 1111 hardly occur.

Do not choose the number combination of the previous wining number combination.  For a number combination to be drawn consecutively twice is another improbable or unlikely occurrence.  For instance, the number 8567 in Singapore pools sports results today will most likely not be the winning number tomorrow.

Look at the previous winning numbers and find a pattern.  Although winning numbers accordingly are randomly selected and are therefore independent from each other, one way to make a prediction is to base your bet from previous Singapore pools sports results and finding a way on how the winning numbers relate to each other.

Do that Math. Finding patterns from previously winning numbers may entail some Math, using simple mathematical operations or more complex Mathematical formula. If you are a Math guru that can calculates probability and other quantum physics concepts, then try to make calculations that will make money instead of just academic fame.

Play games at odd times. People bet on games that have a regular winner. The more people betting on that game can mean the lesser your odds of winning that game.  Instead try betting on less popular games to increase your chances of winning.

Do not stick to your birthday number.  It is very common for people to use their birthday numbers in selecting their number combination. For instance, if your birthday is November 29, the number combination would 1229.  Choosing from your birthdays tend to limit your number combination to 01-12 and 01-31.

Do not use lucky pick or quick pick numbers.  If the machines pick the numbers for you, then your number combination had been programmed not to win.

Stick to your numbers. The longer your number is not winning, the higher the chances that it will be drawn next time because a winning number combination in the Singapore pools sports results hardly can be drawn twice.  Hence, sticking to your number can be a good option.

Don’t join the lotto fever. When the stakes are high, more people are playing it and spending more money on betting on the game.  With more people buying, your chances of winning become slimmer.

Consult experts.  There are people who have dedicated their lives in conducting analysis of winning numbers. They have a complete list of Singapore pools sports results which they analyses to provide you with the number combinations that will have higher chances of winning.



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