Singapore 4D Prize Calculator Money: How to Claim your Rewards?

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4D Prize Calculator: Prize Money and Calculation

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You purchased a ticket for the Singapore lottery and won from the 4d prize calculator. How can you claim the Singapore 4D prize? First and foremost, only holders of winning tickets can claim the corresponding pot money. The Singapore Pools management will not entertain non-winners. You must get the prize within 180 days from the draw date or conclusion of the lottery.4d price calculator

Singapore 4D Prize Details

Winners of lottery bets can get their rewards one day following the draw during regular office hours. Sports bet prizes are given after verification. You can proceed to any authorized Singapore Pools outlets to collect amounts of up to SG$5, 000. For amounts of more than SG$5, 000, go to the main office of Singapore Pools at 210 Middle Road (District 07) to get your checks. Collection schedule is from 8 AM to 4 PM (Monday to Friday) not including public holidays. It is necessary to present the winning ticket together with an original ID with photo that bears your name identical to bank records. Waiting time on Mondays and Thursdays may take longer because of numerous claimants.

Singapore 4D Prize Money

In case prizes remain unclaimed after 180 days which include public holidays and weekends, the money will be made available for charity grants and donations. The Tote Board manages these concerns. In 4D, bettors can choose between the Big and Small categories.

The small bet means the player places his or her numbers on the top three slots.

  • First prize = SG$3, 000
  • Second prize = SG$2, 000
  • Third prize = SG$800

The big bet means the player wagers his or her numbers on one of the 23 numbers that will win the bonanza.

  • First prize = SG$2, 000
  • Second prize = SG$1, 000
  • Third prize = SG$490
  • 10 starter prizes = SG$250
  • 10 consolation prizes = SG$60

Singapore 4D Prize Calculation

There are multiple variations to win a bet. Yet, this will depend on the actual number chosen during the draw. In other words, you may compute the chances of your lucky digit being a winner and expected returns. The chances are one out of 10, 000 with numerals between 0000 and 9999. Then, you can look forward to Singapore 4D prize collection.

Keep in mind that gambling is not making an investment. If you invest in a business venture, you can look forward to a profit unless the enterprise fails. There is nothing wrong to bet in the Singapore 4D but do not make it a habit. Smart persons will look for a profitable business opportunity and put their hard-earned money in that lucrative business prospect.

You may win the draw or draws from time to time but that is not a guarantee you will keep on winning forever. Betting is merely for entertainment which is not wrong but taking the 4D very seriously may not be a clever move at all. Be careful with your predictions so as to get the best opportunity.

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