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Poker Calculators; Features you need to know

Posted on : 08-07-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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With the growth of online poker odds calculators, so have the popularity of playing poker. If you’re a seasoned internet player, you know the feeling of trying something new and succeeding is a great feeling. Especially when you’re feeling lucky, you pick up a great poker calculator for the easy way.

Just like playing in a card room or a tournament, using an odds calculator to make accurate short-term decisions is essential to winning in online poker. You can get a poker calculator to do almost everything for you, including reading your opponent, accounting for pot odds, and even calculating your odds of winning the hand.

Unfortunately, the poker calculators available today are not very good. The oldest and probably the best was released over ten years ago. While there’s no price difference between the different lots of poker calculators, you can see that many features are missing from a modern poker calculator like real-time game stats, automatic shorthanded table sizing, and better support for mobile poker.

High and low card split calculating options are also supported, which means you can adjust the window size to your table or table limits. Features also include a Sit and Go clock, ATM frequency rankings, event history, and a hand breakdown view.

You also have the option to view your opponent’s accumulated points, which makes it easy to know how many hands they’ve played, how many times they’ve won and lost, and how many times they’ve succeeded. The only downside is that your opponent won’t share the secrets of a solid poker strategy with you. However, until you’re at least an intermediate level player, this information is still beneficial.

The other cool feature of this poker calculator is giving you advanced statistics on your opponents.

It’s not like they’re going to call you out on the table because they know you’re using a poker calculator, but if they see you staring at a screen every once in a while, then it might make them feel uncomfortable.

It’s also essential to note that every professional player uses an odds calculator at some point in their career. Every time they’re about to make a quick decision about whether to call or fold or if they should raise and see their opponent’s cards.

Everyone uses a fitness tracker, so it’s only normal that the poker community has to get used to using a poker calculator at some point. As long as you can get the basics down and become adjusted to how it works, you’ll be able to start making even better decisions when you feel lucky.

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