How to Play numbers in 4D in Singapore

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How to play these number?

At times, you willl lose your investment for a few draw, but you must look at the long term overall picture (monthly/yearly) instead of short term losses. When you hit starter or consolation, it’s mainly to cover your investment. When you hit the top 3 prize, you are in Net profit!

However, as 4D is a random game, at times, the direct number may not show up. so you need to stay on the course.

If you do not want to play the strategy that i mentioned above, you can just buy a couple of numbers from the list. However, by playing in this manner, personal luck will count a great deal in winning.

if you are lucky, and put $10 into 1 direct number, and that direct number come up top prize, then your profit margin is really huge. The strategy that i mentioned above is for people like me who want consistency in winning and reduce the luck factor to the lowest.

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