Toto (Types of Toto Bets)

Posted on : 01-01-2020 | By : 4D မာစတာ | တွင် : စင်ကာပူ မလေးရှား 4D ဆောင်းပါးများ


တိုတို is the second most popular Lottery in Singapore that could be life changing if you win the Jackpot prize.  It involves picking six digit number combinations between 1 and 49.  Considering the amount of number combination that you can make between 1 and 49, the odds of your numbering hitting the right combination is 1 in 13,983,816. Before you become disheartened in your possibility of winning, you should also learn different techniques on how to play to increase your chances of winning.  And one way to do this by learning the different types of တိုတို bets. There are basically four types of bets namely the ordinary bet, quickpick, system roll and system bet.

The Ordinary Bet

The ordinary bet involves the player personally choosing the number for the six-digit combination to bet on.  This is traditionally done by marking the six numbers in the lotto card.  The choice is made by the person in however which way one thinks he’ll hit the jackpot.  Some use birthdates of their family, statistical analysis or even some kind of revelation of winning numbers. The ordinary bet is the most common way people place their bets following the availability bias and illusion of control. But however a psychologist tend to rationalize a person’s eagerness or positive thinking in winning the lottery, hitting the jackpot in the တိုတို will definitely make an enormous change in one’s life and will get the last laugh.

The Quick Pick

The Quickpick bet is when you allow the computer to randomly select your chosen number.  Incidentally, no bet slip is needed for Quickpick bets.  This is ideal for people who is undecided or confused on what number to pick and relies on lady luck to choose one’s fate.  Lottery machines are believed to generate pseudo random numbers hence, some people do not consider Quickpick an ideal way to play the game.

The System Bet

The system bet involves the player selecting more than six numbers.  If you select 7 numbers then its called system 7, if 8 numbers then system 8 and so on and so forth up to 12 numbers.  The more number you select, the greater your chances of getting the right combination for the number.  The thing about increasing your chances of winning by using the System Bet is that it also increases the cost of the bet. A system 12 bet costs almost a thousand dollars.    And you should at least get four numbers plus one of your additional numbers to really bag a prize which is equivalent to 3% of the pot money.  Hitting only four numbers will only give you a $50 prize. Some people chose the system bet when they have an equal gut feel for the numbers they select.  And more people also take this risk when the prize pot money is high such as during the Hong Bao Draw.

The System Roll

The system roll is when a player only chooses five numbers while the 6th number is a guaranteed winning number. 1 less number to pick randomly can significantly increase your chances of winning because you essentially need only to hit 5 numbers to hit the toto jackpot.

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