How to Win the Lotto: Singapore Toto Winning Rules

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Guessing the correct number combination seems a big dilemma.  You have to figure out the Singapore Toto how to win. Fortunately, there is a plethora of tips, suggestions, tricks, techniques, and materials (online) that supposedly educate bettors on who to win the Toto.

စင်္ကာပူရေကူးကန် Toto How to Win

The Odd-Even Bet

Put together even and odd integers. It is very seldom that the combination will be all odd or all even. The most ideal combination could be 3-4 or 5-4. Any one of the similar patterns take place in 83% of draws.

High-Low Mix

Winning numerals are normally scattered across the whole field which translate to the low and high halves. For the 48-number Toto draw, 1-24 comprise the 1စတုံ half and 35-49 make up the 2nd half. This mix usually happens in 80% of all games.

Singapore Toto Learn How to Win (Number Group) Strategy

Review numbers that won in the past. You will learn that in many cases one or even more of number (sets) is not represented. For instance, the combination (6-12-15-30-36-42) does not include any twenties (20 to 29). You can study these number clusters in determining which ones to leave out and those to monitor every now and then.

There is also the so-called skipped technique. This strategy entails listing down the number of omitted numbers dating back to the last hit for all winning digits during the past five draws. Mark the frequency of each skip. If any omission between 0 and 5 did not happen, choose the numbers which are out during the number of games.

Singapore Toto Learn How to Win

Here’s another tip. Play a steady game. Select six digits for one combination. See to it the sum will add up between 115 and 185. Computations that fall within that particular scale usually account for more than 70% of Toto winning draws. On the other hand, repeat hits have also become frequent. On the average, one combination from the past will be picked 59% of the time.

Meanwhile, numbers that lost for 4 or less draws make up around ½ of the winning permutations. Numbers not chosen for 10 draws or less comprise 80% of the winning bets. Some Toto enthusiasts call these “hot numbers” which have the likelihood of winning> However, do not forget to add at least one outside chance or slight possibility in a group of six. There are also “cold numbers.” It is not easy to find out when the cold digits will end their losing spell. You might be chasing a number for months but do not discount the possibility. Yet, the one in a million chances is worth running after.

Singapore Toto Winning Rules

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