Singapore 4D Results – the Lucky Ways to Start Striking

Posted on : 05-10-2018 | By : 4டி மாஸ்டர் | இதில்: சிங்கப்பூர் மலேசியா 4D கட்டுரைகள்


Singapore 4D Results – the Lucky Ways to Start Striking
Singapore 4D has become popular gambling option for the citizens of Singapore. Existing for years, this lottery is a trusted option for those who have interest in gambling and earning money through that. In this popular form of lottery, people do not have to risk a lot of money. Tickets are quite affordable. On the other hand, chance of winning is also high. Along with the grand first, second and third prizes, you shall get prizes as consolation. So, it seems quite worth to invest money into Singapore 4D. However, there are some methods of purchasing tickets. In case of 4D, ticket buyers have to buy 4-digit based lucky number.

So, how should you choose your lucky number for Singapore 4D? What is the best trick to choose tickets perfectly? To find answers of these questions, you need to follow the tips as provided below. The following tips will help you perfectly.

The Lucky Number Trick
The common trick to find the lucky number is going according to the birthday . You need to add the digits of your birth, date, month and year. Adding them, you shall obtain 2 digits number . So, out of the 4 digits based number, you have got 2 digits. Now, to obtain the other two digits, you need to use today’s date. Similar to your birthday date, you need to add all the digits of date, month and year for today’s date. As a result, you shall get another 2 number. Now, you can put them at any combination to get your lucky number. This is a trick that has been used by many people.

Many people buy all the combination of the lucky number digits. The best thing is that you can now purchase the tickets online. Not just through the website of Singapore 4D, but you can also choose to go for the mobile application of Singapore 4D. Both iOS and Android users can use the application for their purpose. Download and install 4d ebetslip app is simple. It is also a free application to be used. The application will provide you virtual tickets, which you have to print and show at the ticketing outlet to claim your rewards.

Lucky Number from the History of Numbers
For the convenience of the ticket buyers, Singapore 4D provides 4d database for the lucky numbers. You can check history and find the luckiest number. You can check history and detect the luckiest number in a month. Nevertheless, many punters try to find a pattern of lucky draw numbers. To find the pattern, different people analyze the numbers in different ways.

Apart from these tricks, another common trick is to find the lucky number by checking out the luckiest outlets. There are a few outlets where people stand in long queue to buy tickets as these outlets have the record of selling the luckiest tickets. All these tricks may work and also may not work. After all, it is all about gambling.

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