How to Play Magnum

Posted on : 17-01-2020 | By : 4டி மாஸ்டர் | இதில்: சிங்கப்பூர் மலேசியா 4D கட்டுரைகள்


Someone who wishes to try his or her luck in the lottery, should give a chance to Magnum 4D. Magnum 4D is one of the most common platforms to play lottery in various cities. Lottery playing is very common and many people try their luck in lottery for extra money.

You have many options to play games such as:

  • Roll Front
  • RollBack
  • Permutation Bets
  • Lucky Pits Bets

In each of it, you need to choose a four-digit number and in some options, you can choose as many as four-digit numbers. With higher bets, you can win multiple bigger prices.

It is very simple to play Magnum 4D, you need to choose four digits number. In case you choose a lucky pick bet, you need 1RM. This gives you a chance to win up to RM 3500.

How does magnum work?

In roll front lottery bet, you get ten or more different four-digit combinations by rolling the first number of your gamble.
These permutations have the last three numbers the same. Likewise, in rollback lottery bet options, your last bet number would keep on changing the first three numbers of your bet. Therefore, in roll front or rollback, you get 10 different sets of four-digit numbers.

In permutation bets, the way of getting the prize number is slightly different. To get the precise 24 different number, the selected four digits number will properly combine. This increases of chances of winning a better and larger money prize.

In Roll Front and Roll Back bet as well as in Permutation Bets, you have a chance to win numerous prizes. You can choose any form of Magnum 4D to try your good luck in the lottery.

How to play Magnum 4D

Choose one or more than four digits number and in case your number comes under the winning prize then you are a winner. Keep in mind; buy your number before 7 pm as buying a lottery number after 7 pm is not allowed. Once you place a bet , wait for free and fair computer draw.

A total of 23 winners are chosen with the first position has the highest price. The magnum 4D results confirmed through a regular draw, accompanied through a fair electronic system.

Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7 pm you can check the results. Match the numbers and claim your prize as soon as possible.

With more than 488 Magnum channels, you get to see the conclusions of the last three draws showed on the display boards available on these Magnum offices.

Moreover, in some specific nine states, one can also get the magnum 4D results through mobile number in different languages such as:

  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Hokkien

One can also subscribe to the SMS services, to get lottery results directly delivered on your mobile. In case, you win any prize, either visit the operating outlets or upload a scan of your ticket on the official website to claim your prize.

Therefore, bet on any option of Magnum 4D lotteries and with luck, you can win multiple magnum lottery prizes.

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