How to claim and calculate prize for Singapore sweep

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How to claim and calculate prize for Singapore sweep

If you are thinking of claiming the prize money for Singapore sweep, then surely without any doubt, you have to win the game. It is a clear fact that only that person can claim for the prize who is the owner of the winning ticket. The person that is entitled to claiming the prize money is payable only on the winning ticket. So, make sure that you do not claim it when you are not the holder of the winning ticket as your request of claiming will not be entertained at any cost.

But the holder of the winning ticket has to claim its money within a period of specific time. It must be claimed in the time duration of 180 days. The counting will start from the date when the draw is held. In fact, these 180 days include the public holidays along with the weekends.

When should the winning prize be claimed?
In the case of lottery bets, the winner can make it claim from the next following day when the draw occurs. It can be claimed during the operational hours of the day. On the contrary, in the case of a sports bet, the winner can make its claim immediately as soon as the results get verified.

Places where you can make the claim prize
The holder of the winning ticket can visit any of the branches of Singapore Pool for the purpose of cash collection. But this is applicable only for that prize amount which is limited to $5,000. But if your prize money is exceeding the amount of $5,000, then the winner has to visit the main branch of Singapore Pool for collecting his cheque. They can claim their prize at any day of the week excluding weekends from 8 AM-4:30 PM. On public holidays, one can not come for cheque collection. However, to keep yourself away from the hectic of waiting in long queues, try to avoid Monday and Thursday for cheque collection as, on these two days, it is expected that the place will have a large volume of claimants.

Unclaimed Prizes
If the prize money is not claimed till 180 days, then it will be given to donations as well as grants which are under the management of the Tote Board.

The players should take care of their ticket as the winning ticket must not be defaced, mutilated and should not be torned.

How to calculate the Prize?
You are feeling amazing when you get to know that you have won the வெற்றி டிக்கெட். This news can be a great one too if you know the amount of prize. Here we are presenting some simple steps to calculate the prize.

Firstly, winning ticket holder go to the official website and click on the link of lottery calculator prize. Now, he has to select the option which is available in the Draw. It will be followed by the Bet Type in which the individual will select any one of the options among Ordinary, System Bet, i Bet and 4D. It will be followed by choosing the number and Bet amount. He will enter the big and small in the section of the amount. Finally, he will click on the option to calculate. He will get the prize money on the screen which is won by him.

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