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Use Singapore Toto Power Analysis in Playing TOTO

Posted on : 28-03-2018 | By : Bậc thầy 4D | Trong : Singapore Malaysia Các bài báo 4D


Singapore Toto is anybody’s game. In short, you formulate your number-combinations, buy the tickets, and wait for the draw date. If the system picks the lucky digits, you win the corresponding prize. Otherwise, you try again for the next draw.

Singapore Toto Analysis

Players have the prerogative to employ all legitimate means in winning the Toto lottery. There is no sure way of projecting the correct digits. However, it does not mean you cannot strategize in choosing the lottery numbers. You can check out the previous results and formulate a frequency chart unless Singapore Pools maintains a graph for this purpose. It will show how many times a number was picked within a specific duration. You also find out non-winning numbers during that same period.

Singapore Toto Number Analysis

In analyzing the Toto numbers, try to concentrate on all-time occurrences. It could be the most reliable data since the numbers are more extensive. If possible, your numbers must rely on a wider timeframe. Yet, the bottom line is numbers that win more frequently have more chances of being selected again. Of course, there are hundreds of other players who use this strategy. In that case, you have to share the purse with other winners. That is the only risk.

It seems illogical to choose number combinations that have not won for a long time. But, you won’t have to share your earnings with other persons by opting for long-shot digits. These are numbers that have the slightest possibility of being drawn based on analysis. Nonetheless, all numbers have equal chances of being chosen during the actual Toto draw. After all, everything depends on LUCK.

Singapore Toto Power Analysis

Making calculations, coming up with predictions, or analyzing numbers is definitely not an easy task. It calls for research, poring over the combinations for the last few years, and writing down all your preferred numbers. It is not that easy to guess the winning numbers. Besides, the interpretation of numbers can cause you a big headache.

Singapore Toto Results Analysis

Just look at the numbers drawn during the last 10 weeks of 2018. If a certain ball was picked five times this year, what are the chances it will be chosen or not in the next game? Nobody can tell. The logic behind is it is impossible to conclude based on the number of times numbers were selected in any given day. You have to identify trends through minimum and maximum limits before turning your sights on the number of times a number was drawn. Then, you trace the history of the Toto draws which seems to be the most sensible option.

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