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Singapore Toto New Rules Create Excitement for Players

Đăng ngày: 17-03-2018 | Qua : Bậc thầy 4D | Trong : Singapore Malaysia Các bài báo 4D


Các Singapore Toto new rules added more thrill to the lottery with bettors hoping for more chances of winning. Here are the changes to the Toto format:

  1. Choose any pattern of six from 49 numbers which used to be only 45.
  2. The bonanza increased to a minimum of SG$1 million each draw from the previous pot of SG$500, 000.
  3. Cost of betting type became double with SG$1 minimum bet.
  4. A winning permutation of three digits wins SG$10

New Challenge and Probabilities

Under the Singapore Toto rules, only one player will grab the whole prize pool of the category provided the ticket matches the selected numbers. Bettors must not confuse the total amount of expected earnings with the forecasted winnings. These are two completely different interpretations or implications. With the previous SG$500, 000 payout, the sum of Toto anticipated winnings was 2.46 times higher compared to the new version. Why should a player pay 2 X the amount for something that pays much lesser? Besides, you are compelled to share the prize if there is more than one winner in one category.

What is the Implication of Singapore Toto Winning Rules?

Does it mean the Toto prize pool has become more profitable? Singapore Pools changed winning probability significantly by increasing the numbers from 45 to 49. It also reduced the payout in certain categories. In short, Toto bettors have less chances of getting a win in spite of paying more for a ticket. However, there are many strategies of guessing the right combination so playing the Toto remains worthwhile.

After all, you can learn a lot of tricks from experts or read eBooks about analysis and probabilities. Using these pointers, you can have a crack at the prize pool which is set at 54 percent of sales for a single draw. Around SG$2.8 million is invested by Singapore Pools for every game. In the ordinary draw, the players spend only a dollar and pick six digits hopefully to become millionaires in a small country with only 5.5 million residents.

To discover the free Toto strategies, you can look for the best strategy book online which explains in detail the possible ways of number selection with a list of patterns. It is a good start for an earnest beginner. There is also software for sale from the worldwide web. Here’s the catch. TOTO numbers are chosen at random from multiple patterns which you can monitor and use in your hunt for the lucky numbers.

Keep these two quotes in mind. “The most probable takes place most frequently.” “The least likely occurs least often.” In short, you have to play the probabilities cleverly. Do not go against the cardinal possibilities.

If you want more valuable techniques, read this: There is limited time only! Đăng ký làm thành viên miễn phí để có quyền truy cập vào bản dùng thử miễn phí sách điện tử 4D này trong bốn ngày. Không có thẻ tín dụng được yêu cầu. Bạn chẳng mất gì khi cố đọc eBook.

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