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How to Download and Use the Singapore 4D Official App?

Posted on : 01-10-2018 | By : Bậc thầy 4D | Trong : Singapore Malaysia Các bài báo 4D


How to Download and Use the Singapore 4D Official App?
Sự phổ biến của Singapore 4D lottery is unmatched and quite laudable. It is a legalized form of lottery in Singapore, and the revenue collected by the state from this lottery goes into infrastructure development for the country. Moreover, this form of lottery is very popular among different kinds of people. You just need to be an adult to purchase the tickets and along with that some additional criteria are also there. The major condition is that you have to be a citizen of Singapore. People, living outside, cannot participate in this form of lottery.

What Is Singapore 4D?
Singapore 4D is a popular form of lottery, which has become popular among the citizens of Singapore. It is a legal lottery and the main reason behind its legality is to stop illegal lotteries. The revenue that has been collected by Singapore 4D goes into nation building purposes. From infrastructure management to dealing with disasters, the money has been used for different public welfare purpose. The lottery is particularly popular among many people for two reasons. It assures high return. Secondly, it is not expensive to buy the tickets. Anyone can try his or her luck with Singapore 4D.

Observing its massive popularity, Singapore government has approved many outlets where interested candidates can buy tickets. The process of buying ticket is simple. You just have to reach the outlets, and there you need to tell your lucky 4D number preference to complete buying tickets. To buy tickets and to add more convenience for the ticket buyers, online ticket purchase has also been introduced. On top of that, now you shall get excellent convenience in via your Smartphone through the Singapore 4D app.

Using the Singapore 4D App
The application is available for the both Android and iOS users. Both the users will find convenience in using the application. The simplest way of finding the application is to go to the application store. Here, you shall find a search box. You need to enter the name of the application in that search box. Once application name is found, you need to tap the download button. The download will be started, provided you have steady internet connection. After download, it will be installed automatically. Overall, it will take only a few seconds to be completed. Once done, you are ready to use the application. Tap on the app to launch it and then undergo the registration process.

When you are using application, registration is one time affair. For the purpose of registration, you need valid email ID and valid documents as your identity proof, as issued by the state. Additionally, your citizenship number will be required. When account is entered, you can go to ticket buying section and buy the tickets for Singapore 4D as many as you want. Remember that virtual copy of ticket will be given to you.

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