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How to Place a 1X2 Bet with Singapore Pools

Posted on : 07-06-2023 | By : 4D Master | Sa : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


Singapore Pools offers a variety of betting options for football fans, one of which is the 1X2 bet type. This type of bet allows you to predict the outcome of a match by choosing one of three options: home team win (1), away team win (2), or a draw (X). Here’s how to place a 1X2 bet with Singapore Pools:

  1. Visit a Singapore Pools outlet: To place a 1X2 bet, you need to visit a Singapore Pools outlet. You can find the nearest outlet by visiting the Singapore Pools website.
  2. Choose your match: Once you’re at the outlet, choose the match you want to bet on. You can find a list of upcoming matches on the Singapore Pools website or in the outlet.
  3. Fill in the bet slip: To place a 1X2 bet, you need to fill in a bet slip. Indicate your choice of home team win (1), away team win (2), or draw (X) by marking the corresponding box.
  4. Place your bet: After filling in the bet slip, hand it to the Singapore Pools staff along with your stake. The staff will process your bet and give you a receipt.
  5. Wait for the outcome: Once the match is over, check the Singapore Pools website or visit an outlet to see if you’ve won. If your prediction was correct, you’ll receive a payout based on the odds for your chosen outcome.

Singapore Pools offers competitive odds for 1X2 bets, which are subject to change based on the teams’ performance and betting volume.

In conclusion, placing a 1X2 bet with Singapore Pools is a straightforward process that requires you to visit an outlet, choose a match, fill in a bet slip, and place your bet. Keep in mind the rules and regulations for 1X2 bets, and always bet responsibly.

Understanding 1X2 Bet Type

What is 1X2 Bet Type?

1X2 is one of the most popular bet types offered by Singapore Pools. It is a simple and straightforward betting option that allows players to bet on the outcome of a match. The term 1X2 refers to the three possible outcomes of a match: 1 (home team wins), X (draw), and 2 (away team wins).

How does 1X2 Bet Type work?

To place a 1X2 bet, players need to select one of the three possible outcomes. The odds for each outcome are displayed on the Singapore Pools website, and they are determined based on the likelihood of each outcome occurring. For example, if the home team is the favorite to win, the winning for a 1 (home team wins) outcome will be lower than the winning for a 2 (away team wins) outcome.

If the player’s selected outcome matches the actual outcome of the match, they win the bet. The payout for a winning bet is determined by multiplying the bet amount by the odds for the selected outcome.

1X2 Bet Type in Different Sports

1X2 bet type is offered for  football. Overall, 1X2 bet type is a popular and easy-to-understand betting option that is available for a wide range of sports. Players can place 1X2 bets both in-store and online.

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