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Singapore Pools Most Frequent Drawn 4D and Toto Number

Posted on : 25-09-2018 | By : 4D Master | Sa : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


When was the last time you bought Singapore Pool 4D and Toto Number tickets?

In 4D, players choose 4-digit numbers from 0000 up to 9999 for the draw. The lucky bettor who picks the right combination qualifies for the prize in accordance with the lottery rules.

In the Toto draw, players must select a pattern of six numbers between 1 and 49. Matching six numbers with any of the three or more winning numerals under Singapore Pool rules qualify for the price in line with Toto lotto policies.


How do you select 4-digit combinations?

Check the numbers picked during the past year or last 100 draws. However, you cannot conclude based on number of times picked during a specific duration. Try to determine the trends by pinpointing minimum as well as maximum ceilings before counting the number of times selected. These thresholds refer to the regular highest and lowest occurrence of times drawn for one period.

Find out the thresholds (minimum and maximum). Identify the number of times chosen up to the latest draw. Then, select the four-digit numbers that you can play with. Any of the balls selected below the minimum or above the maximum caps will most likely be picked during the next lottery game. Try to apply this technique to different 4D statistics. It helps you play smartly with more chances of winning the lotto.

Singapore Toto

Toto refers to the 6/49 previously 6/45 lotto. Singapore Pools increased the number pattern to arrange for higher prizes. Bettors can select six numbers between 1 and 49 to play the Toto Lottery. The cost for each board is SG$1 with minimum wager of the same amount.

Singapore Pools holds draws two times each week every Mondays and Thursdays. The company picks six winning numbers with one bonus number that increases the probability of earning a prize. However, the likelihood of getting the jackpot is one out of almost 14 million.

The minimum Singapore Pools Toto bonanza is guaranteed at $1 million. The roll-over stands at 38 percent of the prize pot. Players can match three numbers to win a prize of SG$10 with prospects of winning at one out of 54 tries.

You can check the most frequently dawn four-digit patterns

What are the Odds?

For Singapore Toto, six numbers plus one extra number are selected at random from 1 up to 49. You can spend SG$1 and become an immediate millionaire. The prize kitty is valued at 54 percent of the sales with draws two times per week. You can make use of online analysis tools to come up with possible winning permutations.

For four-digit draws, Take this set as an example:

Number 0091 drawn 9 time(s)

Number 0232 drawn 7 time(s)

Number 0939 drawn 16 time(s)

Number 1630 drawn 10 time(s)

Number 1695 drawn 9 time(s)

You may find the combination difficult to figure out. Perhaps, all it would take is a bit of luck and the right analysis.

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