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Posted on : 14-06-2021 | By : 4D Master | Sa : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


Winning 4d can be such an exciting moment. But what happens after you have won and claimed the prize? Do you go back to your normal lives, or do you take a moment for yourself and say, “Hey, I am now a winner”? Here is what you should do for your 4d prize claim after winning 4d.

First of all, where do you go and collect the winning money for 4d? You can go to the Singapore pool outlets for the prize or Singapore Pool headquarters to collect your winnings. For prize amount above $5,000 you would have to go to the Singapore Pools headquarters for cheque collections; this is usually the case for all lottery and sweepstakes winners. You may be required to fill up a prize claim form at Singapore Pools Main Branch headquarters and present it along with your photo Identification document before you can claim the prize payable. It would be a passport for foreigners. This is a way of verifying that no one will try to cash in the cheque collection fraudulently.

You can collect your 4d winnings after the lottery results are announced. Confirm the winning number of your 4D lottery so that you do not make an embarrassment of yourself at the venue. Ensure that you keep the winning ticket in a safe place and do not lose the ticket while travelling to the venue. Along with your winning ticket, you would need to carry your IC as well. If the winning ticket is lost, a police report would have to be made as this is considered a form of prize money.

For 4d winnings lottery tickets, they are not taxable by IRAS as they are considered windfalls and not considered as an income. This means that there is no need to pay taxes on your 4d winnings. Unclaimed prizes may be forfeited after the stipulated period of time lapses.

Once you have made your 4d prize claim, make sure that you keep a record of the amount given and when you received it. It is always best to keep an accurate account of your winnings and receive cash in an official manner. It can be risky to accept money in any other way other than officially, so be careful.

Be sure to make a proper note of the date of collection as winning 4d is a joyous moment, but very quickly, it can become a depressing fact when the money is stolen or lost by keeping inadequate records.

Lastly, enjoy your newfound wealth. Take your loved ones out on fancy dinners for the first time (or buy that concert tickets!). You can also spend some of it on whatever pleases you: new clothes, books, electronics–whatever! The real challenge comes into play when it’s time to invest in stocks or other financial instruments, but that’s best left for another article.

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