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Pritam Singh – Leader of the Opposition receive $385, 000 annual salary

Posted on : 29-07-2020 | By : 4D大师 |在 : 新加坡新闻


Pritam Singh – Leader of the Opposition is set to receive allowance salary of S$385,000 a year.

This is double the allowance of an elected Member of Parliament (MP) and works out to about S$32,000 per month.

A day after his allowance was published, Pritam Singh issued a statement that he will be allocating 50% of this salary to low income residents, charity and support workers’ party causes.

WP chief Pritam Singh will also be given Parliamentary privileges as Leader of the Opposition.

“Pritam Singh MP (born 2 August 1976) is a Singaporean author, lawyer and politician who has served as the Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party and Leader of the Opposition since 8 April 2018 and 11 July 2020 respectively. Singh has been the Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC) of Eunos since 7 May 2011”

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pritam_Singh_(Singaporean_politician)

GE2020 Debate: Singaporean can’t get enough of Jamus Lim (Workers’ party)

Posted on : 03-07-2020 | By : 4D大师 |在 : 新加坡新闻


After a intense debate on 1st July 2020, it seem like workers’ party Jamus Lim has gain alot of popularity with Singaporean overnight. He was so popular that google searches “throw out” search term such as 

Jamus Lim Wife
Jamus Lim Resume
Jamus Lim debate

His name is Jamus Jerome Lim Chee Wui and many singaporean commented that they would like to see more of such people in parliament to serve.

His boyish good looks and ability to articulate clearly; an economics professor, Harvard grad & RI boy has turn on the charms on singaporean ladies. Forum has sprout out with topic title “Is WP Jamus Lim single?”

If you have not seem his performance, here’s a compilation of the video that we manage to grab hold of



WP Nicole Seah, PAP Heng Swee Keat. Face off at east coast grc – nomination day

Posted on : 30-06-2020 | By : 4D大师 |在 : 新加坡新闻


On Nomination day, in what was a surprising move at East Coast Grc, both parties have presented Nicole seah and Heng swee keat for a show down.

Heng swee keat need no further introduction to us singaporean. Who is Nicole Seah?

Back then in the election, Seah Xue Ling, Nicole Rebecca contested under National Solidarity Party and was a 24 year-old executive with a multinational advertising agency.

She was a hot favourite and captured the imagination of her voters despite her relatively young age.

Nicole Seah is born to a Peranakan family in Singapore.

Read on to nicole seah wiki page https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicole_Seah

School she attended – Victoria Junior College

– Tanjong Katong Secondary School

– CHIJ Katong

4 facts about Jalan Besar GRC

发表于:2020 年 6 月 29 日 |经过 : 4D大师 |在 : 新加坡新闻


1. Manpower Minister Josephine Teo will helm the PAP team contesting Jalan Besar GRC in the 2020 general election.

2. In GE2015, PAP won above and beyond 60% of the votes at Jalan Besar GRC

3. Current Jalan Besar GRC MPs includes Denise Phua and Heng Chee How, Wan Rizal Wan Zakariah

4. It is named after Jalan Besar, a street in Singapore that forms this GRC’s centrepiece.

Ng Ling Ling 没有虚假声明——“这是弗洛伊德的失误”

发表于:2020 年 6 月 29 日 |经过 : 4D大师 |在 : 新加坡新闻


全国社会服务委员会前主席 Gerard Ee 先生将 Ng Ling Ling 女士的话归咎于“弗洛伊德式的失误”。



  1. 吴玲玲,48岁,前公务员
  2. 她在银行工作了 6 年
  3. 她是公益金的常务董事


25 New Pap candidates in. 21 PAP MPs step down

Posted on : 28-06-2020 | By : 4D大师 |在 : 新加坡新闻


25 new PAP candidates introduced.
Mr Alex Yeo Sheng Chye
Mr Alvin Tan Sheng Hui
Ms Carrie Tan Huimin
Mr Derrick Goh Soon Hee
Mr Desmond Tan Kok Ming
Mr Don Wee Boon Hong
Mr Edward Chia Bing Hui
Mr Eric Chua Swee Leong
Ms Gan Siow Huang
Ms Hany Soh Hui Bin
Mr Huang Wei Zhong Shawn
Ms Mariam Jaafar
Mr Mohd Fahmi Aliman
Ms Nadia Ahmad Samdin
Ms Ng Ling Ling
Ms Poh Li San
Ms Rachel Ong Sin Yen
Mr Raymond Lye Hoong Yip
Mr Sharael Taha
Mr Tan Kiat How
Dr Tan See Leng
Dr Wan Rizal
Ms Yeo Wan Ling
Mr Yip Hon Weng
Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim

They hail from a diversity of backgrounds, careers, interests and passions.

21 ruling incumbent stepping down:
1.ESM Goh
2. Dr Teo Ho Pin
3. A/P Yaacob
4. Lim Swee Say
5. Lim Hng Kiang
6. Teo Ser Luck
7. Dr Lily Neo
8. Liang Eng Hwa
9. Cedric Foo
10. Lee Yi Shyan
11.Charles Chong
12. Jessica Tan
13. Lim Biow Chuan
14. Dr Lim Wee Kiak
15. A/P Fatimah Lateef
16. Seah Kian Peng
17. Christopher de Souza
18. Er (Dr) Lee Bee Wah
19. Dr Amy Khor
20. A/P Muhammad Faishal
21. Heng Chee How or Denise Phua
22. khaw boon wan

Ivan Lim Shaw chuan withdraw Singapore General election 2020. Netizen cheers!

Posted on : 28-06-2020 | By : 4D大师 |在 : 新加坡新闻


In a statement last night, Ivan lim has finally indicated withdrawal from the party. Prime minister Lee hsien loong has accepted his withdrawal from the party.

Here is a summary of the event that took place if you are new to the saga

Timeline event posted by Renzokuken from hardware zone.

Source: https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/wow-ivan-lim-story-lai-liao-6317187-500.html

[Factual] Chain of Events in Sequence to people who are new to the saga.
feel free to share this post to people who are curious or new to it all

[1] PAP reveals 11 new Candidates
[2] Allegations against Ivan Lim’s character surfaced. Allegations made by real Facebook accounts of people with full names, faces, and network of friends
[3] Masagos (PAP vice-chariman): “Important for candidates to prove themselves” and implied that joining politics may be used to redeemed oneself
[4] More online accounts of Ivan Lim’s character surfaced

[5] Ho Ching made a Facebook post that went viral, on how both Tin Pei Ling and Chan Chun Sing were mocked when they first joined politics but turned out to be great MPs

[6] Various comments on Ho Ching’s post pointed out that in both Tin Pei Ling and Chan Chun Sing’s case, people could only make fun of their mannerisms, the way they speak and other quirks. No one disputed their characters. In fact on HWZ, despite the strong dislike of Chan Chun Sing, some people pointed out that he displayed great humility and sense of camaraderie amongst people who worked under him.

[7] Heng Swee Keat : “PAP new face Ivan Lim should clarify online criticisms”

[8] Ivan Lim released a PAP letterhead dated in the future. He dismissed comments about his character as a matter of different perspectives. Did not directly reply to most of the allegations made. Spoke about his mother. And made commentary on a Brazilian Project that very few people criticized him for. Ivan also self-contradicted his own statements about his involvement in Brazilian related projects.

[9] One of the few people who first alleged Ivan’s lack of character tagged Heng Swee Keat in a public Facebook post. This person repeated that he stands firm on his character assessment of Ivan Lim and said he is ready if given the chance to openly talk about it in person in front of the camera.

[10] More Criticism of Ivan Lim’s character surfaced.

[11] Lawyer in previously high ranking MAS and Temasek positions criticized Ivan Lim’s Press Release as weak and unimpressive. (source: https://www.facebook.com/yeohlc/posts/10158237923133954)

[12] Ivan Lim has withdrawn from the upcoming election (2020) and has been quoted as saying he is “问心无愧” meaning guiltless and having a clear conscience

Ivan lim stands to lose up to $192000 annual allowance or close to 1 million dollars over his 5 year MP stint.

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