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Singapore Sweep Result: Latest Winning Numbers and Prizes

Posted on : 27-07-2023 | By : Guru 4D | dalam : Artikel 4D Malaysia Singapura


Singapore Sweep Results

Decoding the Draw

The Singapore Sweep is a popular lottery game in Singapore, which is organized by the Singapore Pools. The draws are held once a month, and the results are announced on the Singapore Pools website. The game involves tickets, each of which has a unique 7-digit number.

Interpreting Winning Numbers

The winning numbers for the Singapore Sweep are announced on the Singapore Pools website.

To check if your ticket has won, you can use the function on the Singapore Pools website. You can enter your nombor tiket, or a range of ticket numbers, to see if any of them have won a prize. If your ticket has won a prize, you can claim it at any Singapore Pools outlet.

Prize Categories in Singapore Sweep

When it comes to the Singapore Sweep, there are several prize categories up for grabs, ranging from the Jackpot Prize to Participation Prizes. Here’s a breakdown of the different categories:

The 1st Prize

The 1st Prize is the biggest prize category in the Singapore Sweep, with a whopping $2.3 million up for grabs. To win the 1st Prize, you need to match all seven digits of the winning number.

Main Prizes

There are several Main Prizes in the Singapore Sweep, including the 2nd, and 3rd prizes. The 2nd prize is $500,000, while the 3rd prizes are $250,000 respectively. To win one of these prizes, you need to match all of the winning digits.

Consolation and Participation Prizes

There are other prizes to be won such as consolation Prizes or participation prizes.

2D Delight Prizes

In addition to the above categories, there are also 2D Delight Prizes. These are given to those who match the last two digits of the winning number. There are 315,000 2D Delight Prizes up for grabs at $6.

Overall, the Singapore Sweep offers a wide range of prizes, giving participants plenty of chances to win big. Whether you’re after the Jackpot Prize or one of the smaller consolation prizes, the Sapu Singapura is definitely worth a shot.

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