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Singapore lottery winner stories

Dihantar pada : 20-02-2020 | Oleh : Guru 4D | dalam : Artikel 4D Malaysia Singapura


If there is one happiest person in the world, it could be the one who had just won a lottery. The money could be in millions or even thousands, but the joy of winning lotteries is so immense that it is the reason that many play lottery.  By betting even a small amount and getting back huge returns without much hardship is a feeling that can never be explained in words.

For those who have no hope of getting rich with huge money due to many problems, the lottery is one source that could bring them huge wins to make them rich and happy.  There are many such Singapore lottery winner stories for decades now.

Starting from 1956, lotteries in Singapore have made many rich people. Even with a minimum bet of S$1, anyone on three days a week could get a lottery first prize of S$ 3000 or S$2000, which is a return that is unimaginable in any business. Some Singapore lottery winner stories include

S$ 9.7 million Singapore lottery winner story

Recently on January 3, 2019, a person in Singapore has won the most significant lottery amount of S$9.7 million.  From January 5, two days after the lottery prize money was announced, photos of the cheque started to do the rounds in online platforms.  Also, the picture of the winning slip combination matched the winning numbers of that particular day. Many on the internet were full praises for the lucky guy.  Many were awed by someone winning a whopping S$9,731,377.  It is going to be one of the Singapore lottery winning stories to be spoken by many for a long time.

A homemaker’s lottery winning story

A few years back, a homemaker at the age of 33 has won a six-digit S$ lottery prize. But she kept it a secret not only from her husband for some time but also from the media. She was all excited while narrating the Singapore lottery winning stories recently to a women’s magazine.

Excerpts from the homemaker  lottery winner

  • I am a 35 years old homemaker now after being married to a person who earned less even after doing hard work daily
  • I was from an average income family
  • When I completed my studies and started to make money from doing marketing and publicity work
  • I started to bet in the 4-D lottery from the age of 23
  • Whenever I could offer to enter a draw with few S$, I continuously bet for many years
  • Many a time, I have won a few hundred S$ only
  • Since my husband was not getting sufficient income, I was not able to lead even a decent life and never think about any luxuries that others enjoyed
  • But only a few years back, I won a six-figure S$ in a 4-D lottery
  • I did not tell anyone about the Singapore lottery winning stories even to my hubby
  • Now I can have a life without hardships and also the one that I have been dreaming off from my childhood days
  • Thanks to the 4- D lottery that, with my continuous betting for years, has finally given me my reward to enjoy life.

There are many such Singapore lottery winning stories that have been published, known, and even kept secrets.  But caution and responsibility should be exercised in placing bets to try luck and not overdo it to end in sorrow.

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