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How to play magnum jackpot?

Dihantar pada : 10-12-2020 | Oleh : Guru 4D | dalam : Artikel 4D Malaysia Singapura


Magnum 4d Jackpot is a six-digit game that has a Unique golden element included to win numerous prizes. Additionally, two digits are summed up along with the six-digit, shortly known as the trifecta component. The game has Jackpot Gold 1 and Jackpot gold 2, which helps lucky winners to gain more. The results will be drawn a week thrice on Wednesdays and weekends. At times, there are special draws on Tuesday, which gives an additional chance for winning.

How to play Magnum Jackpot Gold?

Playing 4d Jackpot is a cinch as the process is way too simple. Initially, you have to locate a reliable retailer where you can buy tickets for 4d Jackpot. You have to be very careful while buying the tickets as many fake ticket-selling vendors are available out there.

When you visit the reliable outlet, it is essential to inform the retailer that you are interested in playing 4d Jackpot gold. The retailer will provide the play slip, and you need to choose a six-digit number. Also, you have to include two-digit numbers. These numbers are called the Golden number, and you have options to choose from 00 to 19.

How to select the 4d Jackpot ticket number?

 After addressing the very first question, “How to play Magnum Jackpot?”, you will readily have a doubt. Selecting the ticket number is yet another query that many players are curious to know a solution. It seems to be a difficult job for many players as they are perplexed about the choices. In this case, you can select your lucky number. If you are unsure which number to choose, it is better to let the machine at the terminal select the right numbers. This process is called the 4d Jackpot Gold Lucky Pick. Whether you choose the numbers by yourself or utilize the lucky pick, winning is the same.

Check whether the tickets have a Magnum 4d logo, and when you are playing the Gold game, the ticket will contain a 4d Jackpot Gold logo. You can choose the numbers or take the help of the Lucky Pick. You will notice that the six numbers will be together, while a + sign will separate the additional two digits.

4d Jackpot Gold ticket cost

You have to pay RM 2, and the retailer will provide the tickets. It is essential to keep the ticket safe. If the number you chose appears in the lucky draw, the ticket is very important to claim the prize. If someone obtains your ticket, then he or she can claim the same prize money.

Different types of Magnum 4d Jackpot games

There are three types of games, namely Roll play, Permutation Play, and ALL20 play, from which you can play one. These are the three kinds of games used to play Magnum 4d Jackpot.

  • When you Roll play, you can roll to pick the trifecta digits. The roll play will generate nearly 10 various numbers, and you can buy the 10 numbers by paying RM2 for each buy.
  • For Permutation, you will be able to pick the probable permutations which improve your winning chances.
  • ALL20 play method is for the Golden component alone, and this method also enhances your chances of winning.

If you are interested in playing Magnum 4d Jackpot, then it is essential to start now. You will be able to play using the online Magnum 4d Jackpot as well. All you need is a desktop with a good internet connection. Hope you got the answer to the query “How to play magnum jackpot.” Play well and win more!!


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