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FAQ on Singapore Pools

Dihantar pada : 21-08-2018 | Oleh : Guru 4D | dalam : Artikel 4D Malaysia Singapura


Kolam Singapura

To combat illicit gambling, Singapore Pool was setup.

The initiative also includes expanding awareness, enforcement and developing awareness. The strategy has been implemented to prevent people from getting involved in criminal activity related to illegal and underground gambling. As such, these measures help the country’s efforts to eradicate the crime.

The Remote Gambling Act of 2014 granted Singapore Pools an exception.

It allows them to offer their services through online betting and includes 4D, TOTO lotteries, football and motor-racing sports betting.

Singapore Pools has contributed to the funding of some of our country’s most well-known landmarks.

It has in a way make good use of of the money they win to contribute to our nation building.

There have been reports of lucky Singapore Pool Outlet locations.

Try googling it. Visit the lucky outlet and see if your lady luck will be increase and whether you will be able to strike a prize. However, these are largely anecdotal so it’s hard to tell whether there is a real pattern or not.

You should actually study previous winning numbers.

You should actually study previous winning numbers of Singapore pools in order to be familiar with the manner of picking the winning numbers. And, you should try to find out how Singapore pools picks the number for higher values. There are a lot of successful bettors who have used these methods and they have won many coins on both sides from betting at Singapore Pools.

Winnings from Singapore Pools

Winning will be credited online to your singapore pool account or you can make a trip to the outlet or singapore pool headquarter to collect your winnings.

Don’t be worried if you lose money at Singapore Pools.

Don’t be worried if you lose money at Singapore Pools , you are not alone. It is common for bettors to lose money due to the Kolam Singapura house edge. If you have a budget, set a reasonable limit for your betting and don’t chase losses. It is because chasing losses is one of the stupidest things betting gamblers can do and not winning never feels as good as winning.

If you are new to Singapore Pools betting, do several test runs with the standard bet amount. Once you have decided how much to bet on each wager, stick with it and do not deviate from your plan. Betting percentages work better if they are kept constant across all games or events being predicted; so, change them only if absolutely necessary.

Gambling is a type of addiction.

As with any gambling, always bet within your budget. Bet responsibiliy with care and do not let gambling become a type of addiction.


Singapore pools are known as the most popular betting or gambling platforms in the world. A lot of tickets have been sold on each day. Many people want buy tickets and they remain a little hesitant from this aspect. The reason behind hesitation is lack of knowledge or insight. To help such people, here are the frequently asked questions and their answers with Singapore pool. So, check out this following Singapore pools FAQ.

Soalan Lazim

Question: Do you need to visit Singapore Pools outlet in person for verification?

Answer: If you want you can visit the outlets in person for the purpose of verification. However, there is an alternative option. That option is to choose online verification process. For online verification, you can visit website of the Singapore pool. Alternatively, one can download the mobile app and continue with verification process. For the verification process, you need to produce NRIC or other parallel official document that comes with your FIN.

Question: Can you do identity verification through video calling?

Answer: At first, you need to sign up with Singapore Pools account through website or mobile app. At the time of signing up, you need to show up your NRIC or other official document. You need to enter your FIN. Finally, you need to go to the Account Status Page, where a video call can easily be initiated. Through this video call, the verification process can be completed.

Question: Is it safe to upload ID image?

Answer: It is completely safe to say that uploading ID image is always a safe matter. Singapore Pool has special security arrangement to assure the best protection to the users. The information and documents that have been shared by the users are not shared with anyone by Singapore Pool. Data has been stored online and it is safeguarded by firewalls, encryption and SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Question: What to do when facing trouble to initiate video call?

Answer: If you are starting up video call from computer, make sure that your have webcam and you should also have a good internet connection. For Smartphone users, front camera and internet connection is essential. If you get trouble in initiating video calling, you can simply check internet connection. Once your application is accepted, you shall be given a number to queue up in video calling. For more troubles and their possible solutions, you can simply read our kolam Singapura FAQ.

Question: Can I start betting after video calling?

Answer: You can start with betting process after video calling, but in that case you need to wait for some time. You cannot start betting immediately after video calling. Your account will take time to be activated after the video calling. Once account is activated, you are ready to place your bets as per your requirements or desire.

Question: Can you register to Singapore Pools from overseas?

Answer: Due to legal complication regarding pertaruhan or gambling in different countries, we do not accept enrollment of any person from abroad. So, if you are living outside the Singapore, you cannot join the betting. But, when you return to Singapore, you can enroll anytime with valid documents.

Hopefully, this Singapore pools FAQ session has helped you lot in terms of understanding the Singapore Pool lottery.

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