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The Mesmerizing Game and marvelous prizes -Sports Toto check winning history

Posted on : 13-12-2020 | By : Guru 4D | Di dalam : Artikel 4D Singapura Malaysia


If you get to view Sports Toto check winning history, then you will find numerous contestants playing this wonderful game. It is because of the popularity and the prize money. Sports Toto Malaysia has precise rules, and it is for contestants to understand them, which makes the gameplay effortless. Being one of the trustworthy lottery operators in Malaysia, Sports Toto provides big opportunities to players, and Toto 4d is one game that any player would love to play. Sports Toto is famous for 4d games, and there are numerous derivatives of the game. More than five hundred retail outlets for Sports Toto are there.

Sports Toto 4d Jackpot is one game you can play to have fun and win more. The numerical-style classic lottery games are also launched lately.  People who played this game are predominantly identified in Sports Toto check winning history.

Sports Toto 4d Malaysia rules

Here are the classic rules to know when you play Sports Toto 4d. It is essential to know about the rules and regulations before you start playing. If you do Sports Toto check winning history, it is apparent that you have to pick four-digit numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999. One ringgit is the minimum bet amount, and you have the liberty to increase the bet amount. iPerm and Roll are two additional chances for every player.

i-Permutation is shortly known as i-perm, which enables you to pick the number of permutations that you like. However, you have to choose from four to twenty-four sets. By picking the lowest number of permutations, you can choose four variations costing RM4. If you choose 24 combinations, then it will cost RM24.

In the case of a roll bet, the role ranges from one to four. A participant can choose the last three digits, whereas the first digit will be from 0 to 9. RM10 is the minimum bet for roll one. When a player is betting, it is essential to choose the prize money as well. A player can choose either a small or big bet.

Toto 4D prize that you can acquire

When you play the Toto 4d, there are a lot of prizes that you can avail of. Here is the list of prizes that players can win.

  • First prize – Contestants who won the first prize can acquire the prize money of 2500 and 3500. Small bets will let you win 3500, and if you choose a big bet, you will be able to win 2500.
  • Second prize – You can win around 2000 if you place a small bet, and Big bets will allow you to win 1000.
  • Third prize – Players who choose big bet will RM500, and Small bet will allow you to win 1000

Apart from these, players can win RM180 if they are the final ten contestants, and ten consolation prize winners will get RM60.


The Sports Toto check winning history is stupefying, and players won a huge amount of money every time they played. It is your chance to try your luck. By paying only one ringgit, you can win more than a thousand ringgit. Don’t wait for any more to play this fun lottery game now.

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