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Singapura 4D Ilegal dan Konsekuensi Pembayaran?

Posted on : 29-09-2018 | By : Guru 4D | Di dalam : Artikel 4D Singapura Malaysia


Singapura 4D Ilegal dan Konsekuensi Pembayaran?

Singapore illegal 4D betting and payout can have drastic negative consequences. It destroys the good name and reputation of the company. Prohibited practices and payoffs also tarnishes the image of this industry. At the same time, it creates distrust among the public. That is why Singapore Pools 4D promotes the slogan, “Do not bet on the wrong side.” Meanwhile, the government has been aggressive in its crackdown against illegal bets placed online.

In the same manner, management strives to promote and sustain a responsible playing environment throughout the country. It implements the attributes of discipline as well as honesty among retail facilities. All payouts must be legal. Otherwise, authorities will go after the culprits and syndicates. The Singaporean Government authorized online betting in 2014 only for Singapore Pools. It also approved operations of Singapore Turf Club sometime in 2016. Any remote betting services/payouts remain illegal for bookies and customers.

Efforts to Curb Illegal Activities
Singapore Pools enforces game rules strictly such as no bets by U-18. Gaming rules prohibit any individual below 18 years old to bet or claim winning ticket prizes from any of its outlets. Employees check and demand proof of age. They ask teens and children to leave the area right away.

The company does not permit anybody to bet on credit. Retail outlets accept cash or NETS deposits at accredited branches of Singapore Pools. Players can also use e-NETS or debits from nominated personal savings bank accounts. A fee of SG$ 0.80 will apply for every deposit.

Singapore Pools also discourages the smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages within the premises of its branches. Responsible gaming means playing responsibly. It promotes this approach with messages and helpline printed at the back of tickets and betting slips, information materials, and advisory from relevant government agencies.

Management accepts account applications for customers only if they are 21 years old an above. Each applicant must conform to rules and regulations aside from the proof of age. Users can access their accounts though passwords (one-time) transmitted to their mobile phones. This practice reduces the likelihood of unlawful access by friends and next of kin including minors. Likewise, self-discipline mechanisms are practiced like funding and expenses limits.

On the part of Singapore Pools, the company conducts continuing training programs on a regular basis for all staff particularly frontline personnel and retailers. The company teaches them customer service strategies as well as techniques in dealing with illegitimate actions. Thy learn about values and responsible gambling.

Reminder for the Public
The bottom line for players is to avoid illegal 4D and payouts through bookies by playing only with legitimate providers like Singapore Pools. Otherwise, you may be committing something against the law.

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