Singapore ToTo

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Singapore ToTo

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If you are a regular Toto player, you most likely have a few favorite numbers that you always play in the Singapore ToTo ordinary game. Or it might be any number or combination of numbers all set in order. The Singapore Toto Game allows players to try out different numbers and combinations.


The Singapore Toto game is played by choosing six different numbers from 1 to 49. To increase the chance of winning, The Singapore Toto game gave one extra one additional number for punters to match with. This means that the chances of you winning will be greatly enhanced.


In addition to that, winning from the Singapore Toto game is not taxable by IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore); hence this means that more money in your pocket. This is because lottery winning is considered a windfall and not considered as an income.


Toto draw days are conducted every Monday and Thursday. Draw time results are out around 6.45 pm to 7 pm. There are multiple channels to check your draw result, such as online and newspaper. Always check the upcoming, current draw to look at the prize money. It may snowball the prize money into millions of dollars and end up as a cascade draw when nobody has won the grand prize in consecutive draws for each of the single draw.

Popular draws would include the yearly Toto hongbao draw or the CNY Toto draw.


The TOTO Prize System

38% of prize pool (minimum amount of $1 M) – 6 numbers

8% of prize pool – 5 numbers + additional number

5.5% of prize pool – 5 numbers

3% of prize pool – 4 numbers + additional number

$50 with 4 numbers matched

$25 with 3 numbers + additional number matched

$10 with 3 numbers matched


Winnings can be collected from the Singapore Pools headquarters. The bet type will also determine the amount of winning won.

Types of tickets (combinations)

Ordinary bet combinations

Non-winning combinations

Ordinary combination


Which are the “Best” Toto Numbers?

In reality, there are no best toto numbers. Toto numbers are random but can be predicted with toto prediction services from, which considers previous ToTo Singapore Pools Results. TOTO Hot & Cold Numbers are taken into consideration as well in ToTo Predictions.


Singapore ToTo Online

You can place TOTO bets online, and the results with the winning amount will be auto-computed in the system. This saves you the time and hassle of checking each ticket number set manually.


Winners in Singapore Pools ToTo

Despite the huge payout by ToTo, many people have gone much poorer subsequently. Some spend their winning on a lavish lifestyle and later runs into financial problems. This is due to non-control over their spending and mismanagement of their newfound financial wealth.

For future lottery winners, you would have to bear that in mind.


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