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Does Magnum life history past result give you an edge over other players?

Posted on : 11-03-2021 | By : 4डी मास्टर | में : सिंगापुर मलेशिया 4D लेख


Yes. It is surely an advantage for players to research about the Magnum life history past result. If you could have the data that helps you understand the winning numbers in the past, it is certainly the best way to start playing the game. Before we analyze more about the results, let us check how the game is played and the money you can win by playing the game.

Magnum Life is a supreme numerical game with various versions like Magnum 4D, Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold, Magnum 4D Gold, and 4D Jackpot. It’s been five decades since Magnum was established, and this corporation also has the Government license to operate 4D games. When the Magnum 4D classic was initiated, several entries became popular, and Magnum Life is one. There are two game methods and three steps to play the game, which is elucidated below.

The Play guidelines 

The first step is to pick eight numbers from 1 to 36. This is one of the important steps that you should execute well. You will have to select the right set number so that you can play the rest of the game peacefully.

There are two game methods, and you can check them out below.

Checking the past Magnum life history past result, you will find that most of the numbers have been chosen using both methods. The two ways, Straight play and system play, are popular. You can prefer any method that you feel like playing, and there are no restrictions in choosing the method you’d love to give a try.

When it comes to the Straight play, you have to select eight numbers from 1 – 36 of your choice and purchase ten sets of numbers on the ticket. You can choose any eight digits, and it is your choice. For example, a set of numbers will look like 2 14 17 29 24 27 30 34. This is how you can choose the number in the Lottery ticket using the Straight play method.

In the case of System Play, you are allowed to choose nine or more numbers in a single play. It is believed to increase the chances of winning. You will have complete liberty to play the game as you like. The Magnum life history past result shows that most of the players have opted for this method to increase the probability of winning. If you choose nine numbers, the cost is RM9, and the cost will increase as per the numbers you choose.

  • For 10, you have to pay RM 45
  • For 11, You have to pay RM 165
  • For 12, you have to pay RM 495
  • For 13, you have to pay RM 1,287
  • For 14, you have to pay RM 3003
  • For 15, you have to pay RM 6435

From RM 5 to RM 6000, you can win a huge amount of prize money by getting all the numbers right. All you have to do is play hopefully and strategically by gaining more insights from Magnum life history past result.


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