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A Crack at the 4D – Use Magnum 4D Analysis

Posted on : 11-03-2018 | By : 4डी मास्टर | में : सिंगापुर मलेशिया 4D लेख


Magnum 4D enthusiasts can look forward to the chance of winning a draw on any given day by trying Magnum 4D Analysis. It is all a matter of guessing the lucky 4-digit number. Before you start analyzing, find out the details of the 4D games. You have five options: Straight Play, Lucky Pick, Roll Play, Permutation, and mBox.

Straight Play

You can use Magnum 4D analysis result for the Straight Play. The draw is a very basic game of chance. Choose any four-digit numeral from 0000 up to 9999 like 1204, 3419, 9827, or any sequence you think is the lucky combination for that day. Decide whether to play either of these two: Small or Big Forecast. Purchase an amount for each preferred forecast. It has to be a minimum of RM1. You get a prize if your 4D four-digit number matches any one of the numbers picked by the computer. There are five variations to make the game more thrilling.

Lucky Pick

If you want to leave your fate to chance without any Magnum 4D prediction analysis, opt for this version and simply allow the 4D system to generate the lucky combination for you. The “Lucky Pick or LP” notation appears in your purchased ticket.

Roll Play

In case you feel blessed to a certain extent, choose three digits and roll one digit. This will produce 10 distinct numbers specifically for 10 individual purchases. The minimum amount for Roll Play is RM10. It increases your opportunities to win. For example the roll-front of 123 will give you number sequences which include 0123, 1123, 2123, 3123, and so on.


You may want to try Permutation Play for more chances to win. The Magnum 4D past result analysis may come in handy. You can cover all combinations of your chosen 4D number. In other words, purchase all probable digit patterns in different orders. For instance, your number (2345) has 24 permutations with minimum buy of RM24. The bottom line here is the Permutation 4 Play will create four different 4D numbers.

The mBox Play

In this version, your four-digit 4D numeral is submitted to a process of rearrangement or permutation with one purchase. Keep in mind that your prospects increase significantly by the pot declines as well. An M# notation will become visible in your ticket which indicates the mBox Play as well as number of combinations. If 1234 is the winning number, you win since it happens to be a permutation of 4231. For this particular game, use the Magnum 4D prediction analysis.

Special and Consolation Games

Don’t forget the Special Prizes and Consolation Prizes. There are 23 winning numbers in all. If you opt for the Big Forecast, you are qualified to win the Special or Consolation Prizes. This gives you 23 opportunities for a single draw by with lower payout. If you decide on the Small Forecast, you will not become qualified for the Special or Consolation Prizes. You get three winning chances but for a higher prize.

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