A Complete review on playing Singapore 4D

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A Brief about playing Singapore 4D

For those who are unaware the 4D stands for 4-Digits. It is a lottery game played in few countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and more. If you think about how does Singapore 4d work, the answer would be pretty simple. Players play the 4D lottery game by choosing their lucky number in between the range 0000 to 9999. If the chosen lucky number of the player matches with the drawn number of 4D then the player will announce as a winner.

History of 4D game

The concept of 4D game is not unique for the Singaporeans; even there are several games with similar concept available in US and Canada. The game 4-Digits existing in the country Singapore for over 30 years, owing to its oldness it is hard to find a person in Singapore who is not aware about how does Singapore 4d work.

The Singapore 4D surely gives the players a huge opportunity to win prizes. First ever drawn of the Singapore 4D held in 1986 May month. The game gains its own popularity among the people how loves to get themselves involved in the betting activities.

How the Singapore 4-Digits work?

Well, the answer for the question of how does Singapore 4d work among the players and also the people who are pretty interested in the game 4D gets exposed here.

Here comes the 4D bet types and there their briefs

  1. Big Bet: Any person who places a bet under the big bet can win prizes which listed under the 5 categories, if their chosen numbers appear in the 4D drew.
  2. Small Bet: For person who places a bet via small bet type means they are eligible to win prizes listed in top 3 categories if their chosen appears in the 4D drawn.
  3. Ordinary Bet: In this type of entry, players will able to win cash price if their chosen numbers matches with any of the prizing categories. Under this betting mode, a player can place bet in all the possible digit order of the chosen 4 digit numbers.
  4. System Bet: If the player opts for this entry for betting, then the winning chances will increase. Under this entry the system will automatically generate the 24 combination of the chosen 4 digit number of the player and increases the winning percentage of the player. However, the participation fee for playing in this entry will be high when compared with all other entry.

For those who won prices by playing 4D, they have the time period of 180 days to collect their price amount. The time period calculated from the day of 4D drawing held.

After knowing answer for the question how does Singapore 4d work? Many people surely would love to take part in it. In order to make things easier, the 4D Singapore Mobile Apps are available in the app market. Android users can make use of it by downloading those from their relevant app store or market.

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