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4D live Singapore
Have you ever tried your luck in the famous Singapore Pools 4D game? Slightly different from the traditional standard numerical matrix lottery games, Singapore Pools 4D is a wave of a fad among the punters. Many winners try their luck each day with 4D live Singapore and claim amazing prizes. Starting in the year 1986, when the first ticket was sold, the enthusiasm and craze for the game don’t seem to diminish. One reason could be the innovative computerized system introduced by Singapore Pools for accepting bets. Since its beginning, Singapore Pools 4D conducts draws 3 times in a week on every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday.

Rules Of The Game
To play Singapore Pools 4D, all you need to do is to choose any 4-digit number within a range of 0000 to 9999. A gamer can bet for a minimum of 1 Singapore dollar. 23 sets of winning numbers are selected in each draw. The winning numbers are divided into five distinctive prize categories. A person placing a bet on a winning 4-digit number can claim a prize.

The best part of the game is its several bet possibilities. A player can win a prize for a small bet only when the betted number appears in top 3 winning categories. A player can claim a prize for a big bet only when the betted number appears in any 5 prize categories in a respective draw.

Punters can also bet for Ordinary and System entry. An Ordinary entry allows a player to win if the number matches a winning number in exactly the same order. For a System Entry, the player can select a bigger number combination. For a system entry, the player can create 24 possible combinations by paying 24 Singapore dollars for 4 chosen digits.

The punters can get the tickets for 4D, from Singapore Pools official website or nearby retail venues. Betting can also be done over the phone. The players can track their bets via Singapore Pools account of check 4डी live Singapore Pools result online. However, there is a limit to how many times a 4-digit number combination can be selected.

4D Results Prize Calculator

The winning amount depends on the bet amount and the type of bet. A bigger bet amount generally results in a higher prize. However, any information about the biggest prize could not be obtained reliably. Some unofficial reports reveal people winning 100,000 dollars for a top bet. The overall odds of winning a Singapore Pools 4D prize is 1 in 435.

In case you have purchased a ticket from Singapore Pools 4D, but you do not know whether you have won or not; you can enter the information like your draw date, bet type, bet amount, and 4D number in the official prize amount calculator at the Singapore Pools official website to find out an entitled prize, if any.
Singapore does not charge any income taxes on lottery prize, therefore, players can claim the exact advertised bet amount. The prize money is paid out in a cash lump sum. Did you check your 4D live Singapore results today? Do you need any help with placing winning bets?

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