Nobody believes me when I win 6 ibets a month they say is by luck

Posted on : 24-07-2015 | By : 4D Master | In : Winning Testimonials



I have started playing 4D again since 2 years I tried to bet own numbers but it always wont open. I went to many self proclaim masters and Guru. In the end it did not open even 1 a year not even ibet. My recent encounter was with another 4D Gurus.

I played in the beginning was  3 months then 6 month nothing open at all. After that I try to tahan for 1 year end up and gave up totally. I kept searching and searching until I manage to type in google is there a way for 4D winning? It showed 4DinSingapore. I was skeptical as many 4D sites also claim the same thing. But within 2 weeks to 2 months I was proven wrong. After I joined as Platinum member I won 6 ibets some is 2nd and 3rd plus starter. I cant believe it. Your predictions are so accurate I tried telling my friends and relative that I won but they say if its so good you wont have to give 4D and be rich.

I even argue with them I say 4D master here wants to help everyone. Nobody believes me when I win 6 ibets a month they say is by luck. Look man I dont know how you do it but I am just mindshocked at how power it is. Even the results page I see wah lao every draw at least got some open.

I am really greatful even I dint win big but its enough to tide me thru when I am out of job. Thank you Master 4DinSingapore the number one and only choice when it comes to 4D prediction.

Alex T

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