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10 quick tips to pick your own Toto numbers

Posted on : 18-09-2018 | By : Bậc thầy 4D | Trong : Singapore Malaysia Các bài báo 4D


10 quick tips to pick your own Toto numbers

Playing Toto is kind of playing where you do not know whether you will win or not. There is no way that one can find out the right set of numbers for winning prize money. But still, you can take help from some tips to pick your own Toto numbers to enhance the chances of winning prize money.

1. Numeric Trend
It has been observed that numbers which are going to be drawn have already appeared in the previous draws. Specifically, from the previous 7 draws, the number is chosen generally. So, when you have to decide the specific numbers, then consider this concept. If the number has not appeared in the drawn in the last seven draws, then try to avoid that number. It is highly recommendable to pick them.

2. Opt for random numbers
If you have experience playing in 4D games, then always keep in mind that special dates do not work for the Toto game. The chances of odds of obtaining good numbers are likely to be less with birth and anniversaries dates. Many of the dates come under the category of smaller numbers such as 1-7 or 1-12. It means that most of the people will end up choosing similar numbers. In case, when you win the game, there are chances that the prize money will be split in between more than one persons. So, it is recommended that choose the random numbers which are QuickPick Option.

3. Choose the mix of even and odd numbers
There are very rare chances that in the draw all the numbers will be even or you will get all the numbers will be odd. However, if you choose the mixing of numbers, then the chances of winning will be increased. In around 80% of the draws, the combination of numbers has been the results of winning.

4. Give a try to the set of consecutive numbers
It is an ironic method of choosing numbers and in the past draws, it has happened many times. In fact, in every set of 6 numbers, there were cases when the set of consecutive numbers appeared such as 11 and 12, 17 and 18 and so on.

5. Do not pick the combination that follows an obvious pattern
In the past, the indecisive punters randomly pick some certain patterns such as straight vertical lines or diagonal live across the slip of Toto. This habit results in many bets on the same combination of sets of numbers. Even, when the people win, they have to split the prize money.

6. Give a try to toto prediction
There are some people who can calculate the betting through toto prediction service. It is assumed that the chances of winning are quite high in comparison to some random probability methods of choosing the set of numbers.

7. High-low number
Winning number is present all over the number field. Dividing it into two will get us two fields- low half and high half. From the numbers 1-24, it will be low half and from the numbers 25-49, it will be high half. The best mix is 2-4, 4-2 or 3-3 from both the sides. There are very low chances that the winnings have all the numbers from one side.

8. Group strategies
Studying along with the tracking of number groups will aid you in deciding the group you would like to discard and the group for which you would like to place a bet.

9. Playing a balanced game
When you finally decide the 6 numbers, try to add all these three numbers and ensure that the total is somewhat in between 115 and 185. There will be around 70% chances to win.

10. Repeat hit
There are 59% chances that one lottery number will fall into the category of repeat hit from the previous draws.

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