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What is the best winning strategy to win 4D?

Posted on : 12-03-2012 | By : 4D Master | Sa : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


12th March 2012

Dear and Good Day Master,

I am wondering which is the best winning strategies in winning 4D to adopt.

I had tried so many methods be it based on 3Ds, intervals, tracking the movements of system numbers, clustering and the likes but the success rate is low. I try to play 4Ds within my budget.

If there is a need to increase my budget to achieve higher success rate, I will be willing to do so.

Master, please enlighten me.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards


Hi Nick,

There are many different ways and strategies to win 4D.

One of the way that you can win 4D is to buy ibet for the list of numbers that I posted prior to upcoming 4D draw.

I have invested a considerable amount of time and money for the past 1/2 year to experiment with different methods and strategies before finding a combination of formula that works really well. As you can see from the singapore 4d prediction result, it’s proven to show result but please play responsibility within your budget.

You can see the proof from the winning tickets that I posted on the site. Though there aren’t many winning tickets on the site right, I have yet to post the rest of the winning ticket on my computer as I haven’t got the time to edit and upload them.

To Your 4D Profit,
4D Master

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