Here is how you can execute Magnum Prize money claim

வெளியிடப்பட்டது : 14-01-2021 | மூலம்: 4டி மாஸ்டர் | இதில்: சிங்கப்பூர் மலேசியா 4D கட்டுரைகள்


Magnum is one of the best lottery games played by countless players, and there are different types of games that you can play. The moment you win the lottery is magical, and it is one of those moments that you can cherish for the lifetime. The first question that pops into your mind when winning the Magnum lottery is, where to magnum prize money claim? We have tried to answer the question below, and we hope the answer will give you clarity regarding the prize money distribution.

Magnum 4D was launched in 1968 as a private limited company and lotto organization. After a year, Magnum 4d became a public company, and the Magnum Corporation Berhad accepted it. Being one of the first companies to acquire the license for the 4d game, it rose to fame, and many started playing the game in the country. The Magnum Corporation kept the contest lively by exploring various game formats and innovative versions of the lottery game. The players enjoyed playing as it is safe, and the adrenaline rush was guaranteed. The Magnum corporation has also been involved in many charity initiatives and keeps on supporting innumerable social causes. Magnum Cares has a program that encourages academic development, community services, and numerous welfare programs. Magnum 4D Classic is an exceptional game predominantly played by lottery enthusiasts for an unbelievable Magnum prize money claim.

If you have won the grand prize, it is essential to connect with Magnum Corp for further information. You can discuss the payouts and other details with the officials. Whether you have won the first, second, or third prize, it is essential to connect with the state office and instantly acquire the payout. If the prize money is enormous, it is difficult to acquire a lump sum of money. If possible, you can accept the prize either in the Magnum State Office or authorized outlet.

Magnum prize money claims can be made within six months. If the winner didn’t claim the prize money, then the payout will be transferred to charity initiatives that Magnum supports. The payout is free from income tax, and players will obtain the actual money mentioned as the prize amount. Watch the Magnum live draw results to know whether you won the jackpot. You can also check the official website to learn more about the results and other information regarding the Magnum lottery game.

The Magnum prize money claim of RM 60,000 can be done in any magnum 4d outlet. If the prize money is up to RM 2,000,000, you can claim the payout in any regional office. However, the prize money above RM 2,000,000 will necessitate you to visit the head office. Ensure that you claim the prize money within six months.


The best way to acquire a good amount of money is to play the game. The payout can be claimed in any retail branch, headquarters, or any other office near you. If the prize money is high, then you should connect with headquarters only.

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