4DinSingapore strike 6 system number out of 13 ABCD number on 30 June Sunday 2012!

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4DinSingapore strike 6 system number out of 13 ABCD number on 30 June Sunday 2012! Results are astonishing! That’s practically close to 6/13 = 46% strike rate of ABCD number in a single draw or rather 6/23 (23 numbers in a 4d draw) = 26% (1/4) correct system number prediction in a single draw! Not only that, 2 system number 0789 and 0289 strike 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

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The system number are

0789 (2nd Prize) –  Free Membership Number
0289 (3rd Prize) – Paid Membership Number
1349 (Starter Prize) – Paid Membership Number
0168 (Starter Prize) – Paid Membership Number
0345 (Consolation Prize) – Paid Membership Number
5679 (Consolation Prize) – Free Membership Number

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Congratulations to those who bought the winning number and won! You may thank me with a fraction of your winnings as a show of gratitude. By expressing gratitude, it invokes the force of the law of attraction; enabling you to attract more 4D winning and money in your life. Read here for a more detailed explanation on this.

You can express your gratitude
– via a fund transfer to my POSB Saving Account: 119-62421-5
– to my paypal account

If you strike small, you just have to write a testimonial and send me a digital copy of your winning ticket to my email account [email protected]

Thank You
4D Master

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