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Winning by betting techniques in poker card

Posted on : 10-09-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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The first thing to do is make your opponent think that you have more of the targeted card than you do.

When you look at each card individually, your opponent will think that the probability of you having any other card is higher than it actually is.

Lastly, if your opponent thinks they can’t beat whatever hand you show them, they might fold their cards without looking at them.

The last thing to do is to turn the cards into your hand and expose the tips of your fingers as if to say, “I admit I don’t know what you think I have, but I intend to confuse you and cause you to make a mistaken conclusion.”

When you can make your opponent think that you have more of the targeted card than you do, you cause panic to them.

With the right timing and method, you can cause your opponent to make a misstep and play in a way that will cost them more money than expected. For example, when you can make your opponents believe that you have more of the targeted card than you have, you will cause them to be cautious with their bets.

They may even begin to be afraid to bet, giving you a betting advantage that will last out the hand. As the example above demonstrates, knowing when to use timing and deception is a crucial element of poker.

Knowing when to use deception is an almost endless list of decision-plates that must be reviewed before every hand is played. You must know when to bluff and when to fold, and when you must protect your hand and your chip stack. But, there is one more point.

At the beginning of a hand, it is good to pretend to have a better hand than you have and to use a bluff to get opponents to raise their bets. But, eventually, a good writer needs to be played without any further deception or raising.

Good hands, such as whole houses, can be played without any ante, at any time. However, once the blinds begin, a player with a good writer has to wait for his opportunity. The aim is to win a pot without competing with other good hands.

Therefore, you cannot call to steal the pot because there are better hands out there. You should always raise or fold and try to win the jackpot by forcing others to raise or fold.

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