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Why is magnum 4D result today live so popular?

Posted on : 01-11-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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Why is magnum 4D result today live so popular?

Gambling has existed in some form from time unknown, for people bet small amounts to get huge returns. 4D or four-digit lottery has been famous worldwide, especially in Singapore and Malaysia, for nearly 70 years.  Started by a schoolboy in Singapore in the 1950s to raffle his bicycle to buy 2 digit tickets, it evolved into the popular 4D game. Over the years, after the legalization of it by the Malaysian government and technological developments, it is now making many people earn a lot of money.  And the best of them is by checking magnum 4d results today live to win money every day.

Continue reading to know why the magnum 4D  game is so popular among the people in Malaysia and Singapore, apart from other parts of the world, to win money consistently.

Why is magnum 4D result today live so popular?

 Lotteries are a form of gambling wherein people buy tickets for even RM 1 to win thousands of RMs every day. And the best of them is the 4 digit number game that started in Singapore and changed in many ways to now play it online from anywhere, anytime with the smartphone.  It is gaining popularity continuously as it differs from the other form of lotteries. The principal benefit of the magnum 4D game is that it pays the winners every day rather than giving the amount in a lump sum.  Also, it is one of the first legalized lotteries by the Malaysian government, and many people play it to win money daily.  There are many other reasons people wait eagerly for the magnum 4D result live, including others.

Reasons for magnum 4D result today live to be famous in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Magnum 4D is one of the major lotteries in Malaysia played every Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, and on special occasions on Tuesday.
  • It is similar to the “Pick 4” game played in the US and Canada, and the Jackpot played in Germany.
  • During playing 4D games, the player’s odds are more to win as any permutation of any one of the selected 4D numbers matches the drawn winning numbers.
  • It is easy to play the 4D game and costs only RM 1 to win thousands of RMs if the selected numbers match with the winning numbers.
  • Unlike other lotteries paying the winner in one time fixed lump sum, magnum 4D pays it every day for even 20 years.
  • If all the selected 8 numbers match with winning numbers, the player can get RM 1000 for 20 years in the magnum 4D, which is why many eagerly wait for the magnum 4D today result live.
  • If 7 if the eight selected numbers match the winning numbers, the player gets daily RM 1000 for the next 100 days in the Magnum 4d.
  • Magnum 4D is the main lottery game in Singapore and Malaysia is because of its efficient functioning, prompt payouts, and transparency for players to trust it.

From the above facts and reasons, it would be clear to anyone why magnum 4D results today live are popular and awaited by many to win huge money easily and continuously for even many years.

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