What to do when you won the Singapore 4d lottery?

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What to do when you won the Singapore 4d lottery?

It will be a great news when you won the Singapore 4d lottery. The day will be your luckiest one to win a prize money. When you get the information about the declaration of results and the result is in your favor, then look at your winning ticket.

Checking the condition of the ticket
Is it torned? Torned 4d winning ticket can cause you a problem as the foremost condition for you which is required to qualify you for the payment is that winning ticket must be in the good condition. It should not be mutilated, torn and defaced in any circumstances. Therefore, the customer must keep the ticket in a proper way so that its condition remains good.

Here, some precautions must be taken care of for the tickets:
● Do not expose the ticket to sunlight directly
● Keeping it in a dry and clean place will be good for you.
● No iron should be used on the ticket
● Do not write anything on the ticket

Calculating the prize money
On winning the prize money, go online and do some lottery 4d calculations so that you have an idea how much money you won in the Singapore 4D. The official website for this lottery has the facility of calculating the prize money by just entering some important information related to the ticket. Putting all the information correctly will let you get familiar with the prize money.

Claiming the money
When you win the prize money, you are at the top of the world. Obviously, you want to claim that prize money. To claim your prize money, you have only 180 days and the countdown starts from the day one when the conclusion of events and draw has taken place. These 180 days will not exclude any public holidays and weekends. But there are some limitations too while you are claiming your prize money. First, if the category is lottery bets, then, unfortunately, you have to wait for a day. The money can be claimed on the next following day, not on the same day when results are out. If your category is sports bets, then you can claim your money right at the moment when results are out. Secondly, from which place you will get your prize money depends on the amount of prize money. If it is not exceeding $5000, then the winning ticket holder can go for collecting the cash from any one of the branches of the Singapore Pools. But if the amount is exceeding $5000, then the winning ticket holder cannot make the claim at any of the branches of Singapore Pools. The winning ticket holder has to visit the main branch only in order to claim its prize money. The winner can collect his cheque from the main branch at the singapore pools operational hours of the working day. He can claim his money from Monday to Saturday.

As per the rule, the prize payment will be presented to that person who will show the valid winning ticket.

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