What is Magnum 4d Jackpot gold

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Magnum 4d Jackpot gold, an opportunity to fulfill your dreams and fulfilling your dream is just a lucky number away. So get ready and try your luck today, we brought you some important information about this game. The rules might be a bit tricky; however, they are quite simple.

4d Jackpot gold

  1. The simple idea

The fun of 4d Jackpot gold reaches its high level just because of the presence of numbers alongside, a wonderful multi-million dollar jackpot prize is there.

  1. First, you have to choose a TRIFECTA part – 6 digit number varies from 00 to 99, for example, 330120
  2. Next, you have to land on a golden component – 2 digit number that can be selected from 00 to 19, for example, 32
  3. After that, you need to place a buy with the minimum of RM2 or multiples

You get the chance to win this game when the TRIFECTA part you chose to match with the TRIFECTA component drawn, and also when your golden component you have chosen match with the Golden component selected.

  1. Variations in the game

Your luck decides your victory. You can choose any 5 methods to play

  1. Self-Pick

Here you get a chance to try your luck from your lucky and special numbers. For a TRIFECTA component, dates are the famous choice and it might be your birthday or your first date. And to choose a golden component, you might go with someone’s age.

  1. Lucky pick

If there is no special number comes to your mind, let the PC pick for you and no one knows that it might be your lucky number to get the Magnum 4d Jackpot gold.

  1. Roll play

It is valid for only self-pick: TRIFECTA component and it is quite the same as basic 4D and here you get a chance to select “roll” any number of your TRIFECTA component. It receives 10 unique numbers for 10 individual buys, so RM20 is the least roll play.

  1. Permutation play that applies for the self-pick: TRIFECTA component only

It is the same as the basic 4D and if you wish, you can select to hide all the permutations of your TRIFECTA component and this way you increase the chance to win the game. It might be possible you get the digit combination in all different orders.

  1. ALL20 play that applies to Golden part only

You should be aware of one thing that only 20 possible numbers are decided or selected for the Golden component (00to19) and therefore, ALL20 protects all. Selection of this will give 20 individual buys, therefore, a minimum ALL20 play is RM40.

the Magnum 4d Jackpot gold draw opens on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday around 7:00 PM and there are 1 or 2 special draw opens every month and these draws generally opens on Tuesday. You can also visit the site magnum4d.com where you are able to check the recently updated 4D Jackpot results. Now it’s your turn to try your luck.

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