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Posted on : 11-07-2012 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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Here are some very useful 4D tips you can use when betting

1) Using ibet as a safe cover
Use ibet to cover any numbers you miss.
Suppose if you buy 6 direct number but it so happen that the direct number came out 1st prize but in a different order from my recommended 6 direct number. If you bought a $1 ibet as a cover, at least you would still get some money back and cover some of your previous investment.

2) Vary your bet.
You can vary your bet amount per number.
eg. $1 bet 1234, $3 bet 4321, $5 bet 2341 ………… etc
if you hit 2341 direct, you would have greatly minimize your losses previously and maximise your net profit overall.

3) Higher probability number left to right arrangement
The 6 direct number are arranged in a manner that the left-most number have higher probability than the right-most numbers. This is very useful when you are just buying a couple of numbers instead of the entire 6 numbers.
eg. 1562 2516 2651 5216 6215 5612
1562 have a much higher probabilty compared to 5612.

4) Maximize your chance with higher profits by combining point 2 and point 3 above
Since we know that higher probability start from left to right arrangement, we can vary our bets accordingly to it for maximum winning.
example 1:
$6 bet 1st number, $5 bet 2nd number, $4 bet 3rd number, $3 bet 4th number, $2 bet 5th number, $1 bet 6th number

example 2:
$3 bet 1st number, $3 bet 2nd number, $2 bet 3rd number, $2 bet 4th number, $1 bet 5th number, $1 bet 6th number

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