Singapore toto prize structure and payout

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Singapore toto prize structure and payout

Toto games is that game and legalized lottery in which the player who is participating has to place a wager on the set of numbers. The wager is against the winning number adopted or drawn by the company as per the general rules of TOTO Game. The person who wishes to participate in the TOTO game has to buy a set of six numbers from the numbers of 1 to 49. The set of six numbers are selected for the relevant drawn.

The account holder has to open an account for placing the bets through the help of Account Betting System.

Payout of prizes along with the Winning numbers
For the distribution of prizes, there is a prize pool which is won for each and every draw. This amount approximately equals the total net amount of the total stake collection. In this whole collection of the amount, Goods and Services Tax are deducted.

On the basis of a number of winning from the number matched, allocation to 7 groups are made which is as follows:

GroupWinning Numbers MatchedPrize Amount
1.3 numbers$10 for every winning combination
 2.3 numbers along with the additional number$25 for every winning combination
3.4 numbers$50 for every winning combination
4.4 numbers along with the additional number3% of the total prize pool
5.5 numbers5.5% of the total prize pool
6.5 numbers along with the additional number8% of the total prize money
7.6 numbers38% of the total prize money


For each draw, there is a criterion for the Jackpot Prize as the minimum guaranteed pool amount should be $1,000,000. However, for the prizes of Group 2 and 3 along with the Group 4, there is no minimum guaranteed amount.

The winning combination is that one when the combination of numbers will match with the number of winning numbers as per the Rule 7.2 of Toto game. Each of the winning combinations will qualify as the winning share either in the prizes of Group 2, 3 or 4 or prizes in the group of 5, 6 or 7. Furthermore, the Jackpot prize will also be taken into consideration.

If the participant has made any of the Ordinary entry in the winning combination, he will be qualified for a single winning share in any of these threes: Jackpot Prize, Group 2, 3 or 4 prizes and prize in the Group of 5, 6 or 7.

If the participant has made any of the System Entry, there winning combination can be more than once.

Unfortunately, to an unwon Jackpot prize, cascading process is applied. If there are four consecutive draws and still at the end, no one has been able to win the Jackpot Prize, then whatever is the amount of 4th draw of Jackpot Prize pool along with the all the snowballed amounts of all the preceding draws will be paid in a certain manner.

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