Top 10 faq on Toto

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10 faq on Toto

● When Toto bet can be placed?
● How to place the Toto bet?
● Why can’t you place the bet on phone or online?
● What do you mean by Toto subscription?
● What does Toto Cascade Draw mean?
● What to do when I have finally reached the daily expenditure limit for the Toto Subscription bet?
● How to cancel the Toto Subscription?
● How to change the Toto Subscription?
● What is the working of iToto?
● Is there any rollover of prizes for the available remaining winning units of iToto?

Summary of the Prizes (Singapore Toto)

Group Winning prize amount Winning Numbers Matched
1 $10 per winning combination 3 numbers
2 $25 per winning combination 3 numbers + additional number
3 $50 per winning combination 4 numbers
4 3% of the prize pool 4 numbers + additional number
5 5.5% of the prize pool
5 numbers
6 8% of the prize pool 5 numbers + additional number
7 38% of prize pool (min $1 M) 6 numbers

Is Toto winning taxable in Singapore?
Winning from betting and gambling like Toto is not under the category of taxable income as the prize money of Toto are not of the income nature. There is no need to declare the winning amount as it is not taxable.

How do you play a Toto group?
● In Toto group, the individual will get to share a Toto bet with the group of people and the same bet will be printed on the multiple tickets. However, in the group, each person will have his own ticket.
● The entire cost, as well as the prize money, will get divided into the group people.
● The toto prize money will be rounded to the nearest available 10 cents.

What is Quick Pick?
Quick Pick is getting your number selected with the help of an online number generator. It relieved the stress of selecting the number for you. It also contributes to time-saving.

What is the various bet cost for various bet type in toto?

Bet Type Number of Ordinary Bet combinations Cost
Ordinary 1 Singapore $1
System 7 7 Singapore $7
System 8 28 Singapore $28
System 9 84 Singapore $84
System 10 210 Singapore $210
System 11 462 Singapore $462
System 12 924 Singapore $924
System Roll 44 Singapore $44

How much is Sys 12 and how to play?
Sys 12 is divided into 28 units where each of the units costs $33. The total cost of Sys 12 is $294. Therefore, the prize money for each of the winnings iToto unit will be the prize money of the winning QuickPick Sys 12.

Does Quick Pick win more often?
The winnings through quick pick are very rare.

Do quick picks ever win the lottery?
It’s not a good idea to choose the quick pick for winning the lottery as the number of chances of winning is not very much great with this one.

How do you mark a Toto?
For marking the bet type, an individual has to use different bet slips for each of the different bet types. But on choosing the Ordinary entry, no need to mark anything.

What was Toto’s biggest hit?
Getting into detailed toto history will let you know the biggest hit of Toto. Find out here on how to play toto.

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