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Tips and how to play the Magnum Jackpot Gold game

Posted on : 30-10-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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The best tips to win millions in Magnum Jackpot

On winning RM 10,639,570 in the Magnum Jackpot Gold game, Sabahan’s dream of making big money came true in 2018. The magic of this extension of the Magnum 4D game is that many Malaysians and Singaporeans play to win big money.  By betting RM, 2 can win big money in this 4D game, which is famous and legal in Malaysia.  Even the consolation prizes can be around RM 100,000, making it the first choice for many people.  When anyone or both the chosen 4 numbers by the players match with the drawn numbers, winning money is easy.  In a 4D jackpot, Gold, unlike the 4D classic, offers up to seven prizes to increase the chances of winning big money.

Hence, please continue reading to know more about the multi-million Magnum jackpot Gold game and how to play it responsibly to bet small amounts and win huge money with a few tips.

What is the Magnum Jackpot Gold game?

The first company started in 1968 to get the license for the 4D game, and it offers many options for winning big in lotteries.  Apart from the Magnum 4D, which is the basic level game, Magnum 4D Jackpot is available along with Magnum life.  But it is the Jackpot gold that offers millions in prize money, and prize money for the consolation is also high.  Hence Magnum Jackpot gold has become the gold mine for Malaysians and Singaporeans to win big in lotteries.

How to play Magnum Jackpot?

Magnum Corporation is one member of the World Lottery Organization and has been functioning for over 50 years.  Hence, it follows all the international rules and regulations, along with the best practices and transparency.  So the players in the many lottery games can have the assurance of safety and a 100% successful, legitimate lottery playing experience. Players need to pay a little extra for playing this Magnum jackpot game though the Magnum 4D numbers are the basis for playing it.  Similarly, playing it is easy but needs to select the correct two 4D sets of numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999 in a format like 1342 + 9568.  It costs two ringgits for the two combinations of 4D sets, and the cheapest ticket costs 20 ringgits and the costliest is 200 ringgits.  The combination of roll-play and permutation may cost more ringgits and increase the chances of winning the jackpot.

Tips to win Magnum Jackpot

Though there are no magical ways to win the jackpot, the following tips may help players increase the chances of winning it.

  • Forming a syndicate will increase the possibilities of winning the jackpot as 20% of winners are only from syndicates.
  • Since all jackpots are not equal, it is better to choose the odds stacked to become rich in the players’ favour.
  • As system betting increases the numbers and the chances of winning, it is better to play it, but it will cost more for each different number.
  • By playing continuously or frequently will increase the chances of striking the gold in the jackpot by renewing the bet
  • Though selecting random numbers will not increase the chances of winning, it will surely help increase the winning amount.

The above facts and tips will surely help players to strike gold in playing Magnum Jackpot.

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